Gypsy Girl

526 Some real talk today, girls: as I looked back through these pictures, I was ready to discard about half of them simply because of one thing: belly squish.

It’s not a part of my body I’ve ever been insecure about before, but now that I’ve had a baby, my stomach has become a lot squishier — if not actually thicker, just less muscled — than it ever was, and when I wear jeans and sit thusly, I get rolls. So I looked at the pictures that I otherwise loved, and thought “ugh, belly squish. I won’t post those ones.” Even though I like everything else about these pictures — the pose, my face, the hair, the setting, the lighting… I was ready to skip them because of that one thing. I felt a little sad about it, but I almost didn’t give it a second thought.

1But then I sat back and realized something pretty important: I am not perfect. I’ve had a baby. Even before I had a baby I had a small belly, and I liked it. I’ve never been perfect. I’ve never been skinny, or muscular, or flat-bellied, nor even very fit. I have cellulite. My thighs wobble. And you know something? That’s perfectly okay.

Real women are not cookie cutters. Real women are not perfect. Real women have imperfections, all of them– whether they’re curvacious with jiggle and squish in places they don’t want it, or willowy with angles and bones they’d rather not see. Women are flawed. And that’s the beauty of it. We’re not the same. We all have our own unique features that others see and admire, whether it’s beautiful collarbones or curvaceous hips, whether it’s wide eyes or a perfect nose, long legs or strong arms, luscious hair or pillowy lips… we are wonderful creatures. We are the way God made us to be, and that is beautiful.

219 So if you’re feeling insecure about your body right now, I want you to step back, thank God for the body He gave you, realize you are amazingly beautiful… and have these pictures of my belly squish.

Let’s be real together. Let’s not let little insecurities get in the way of realizing how much we have to be thankful for, how beautiful we really are, how fearfully and wonderfully made. 4257  In other news, I finally have decided that my husband should just solely take my outfit photos. He is so good, and there are so many shots he can get that I can’t get by myself! plus, he can use the better lens for nicer focus, and… ah. I love his photography.

I’m a pretty lucky girl with this man! Not only is he good looking, but talented as well! And very willing to be involved with my pictures. 15 6It was pretty funny/awkward: as we were taking these pictures, which are just at the end of our driveway, a guy jogged by and sort of stared at us the whole way. While we patiently waited for him to begone, he jutted his chin at me, threw up his hands in a mime of snapping a picture, and grinned. I’m not sure if he was mocking, or approving.

And then later, a car drove by, and the old man in it shoved his arm out the window and gave me a big thumbs up. Ah, the weirdness of outfit photos.

23 14

I wasn’t actually sure I liked this outfit until I saw the pictures. I’m not usually a hippie/gypsy girl, but there’s a vintage scarf and kimono involved, and I’m all about vintage. So, you know. And I do like to shake it up sometimes. I really just wanted to figure out a good outfit to wear with this scarf, because it’s SO gorgeous. The colors, the pattern, the silkiness… I’ve discovered that this is the perfect way to wear silkier scarves; trying to wear them like a headband, they tend to slide off. But as a mock-turban, they stay on so much better!

11249 I really need to buy some new sandals to get me through summer; these are the only pair I have, and I just know I’m going to be falling back on them whenever it gets hot.

I actually just need to do some shoe shopping in general; I haven’t purchased a new pair of shoes in quite a while! My shopping endeavors are usually focused on dresses/skirts, and my shoes get left to the wayside. I’m dying to own a few pairs of colored heels, like these yellow ones especially. But I also want to bulk up my flat shoe collection. I own a pair of flat boots, black flats that are falling apart, houndstooth flats that are ALSO falling apart, and these sandals. And that’s it.

Time for new shoes!


Y’all should appreciate how very brave I felt for sitting here. There are so. many. bees on these flower bushes, and I had one swarming around my head the entire time I sat there. Pretty sure if you stare deep enough into the picture you can see the fear in my eyes. Haha! I’m not a big fan of bees. Ever since that one time when I was young and I sat right next to a bees nest… 20Vintage silk kimono and scarf, thrifted | rings and necklaces, gifts | Target sandals and jeans | Romy camisole (old) | Kiss brand eyelashes | e.l.f. 150ct eyeshadow palette shadow colors. | Mom’s vintage purse

Also, I think I might start wearing false lashes more. They make me feel so glamorous!

I hope you are all having a beautiful Friday! Happy weekend!

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  • Salazar

    I’m glad you were confident to post these photos, because they are gorgeous. That is an amazing setting, definitely worth risking the weird onlookers for.

  • nicridley

    I love these photos and am right there with you on the belly squish! I have some days where I get pretty upset about it, and then others when I’m just thankful for a healthy body and proud of what my belly has been through. Love that you still posted the photos and shared your thoughts!

  • Jeanne

    These pictures are really beautiful! Love your makeup and so many elements about your outfit. I hadn’t noticed the belly squish when I first went through them without reading the text!
    I have to say I feel pretty ugh about my own post-baby squishy belly. I guess I won’t mind so much to have some extra skin + fat once I get my (modest) abs back, though. We’ll see.

  • Lally MacBeth

    Oh think you look gorgeous! I love your headscarf; so beautiful! What a dreamy setting too. Your husband is certainly a great photographer!

    Your blog is lovely by the way, I just found it and I’m going to follow you now!


  • mariecarolk

    This is totally what I needed to hear today! You look stunning and fresh as always, love this outfit!

  • Avra-Sha Faohla

    I saw the pictures and thought you looked great! I totally didn’t notice any belly squish until you mentioned it. You look beautiful, and the outfit’s adorable. 😉

  • Erin

    Wow, you don’t know how much I needed this post. I was just reading Psalm 139 and learning about how fearfully and wonderfully made I am, but insecurities have been haunting me as of late. Thank you for posting about this! Your words and photos were beautiful. And I second the shoe shopping — it’s time for me to buy some sandals, too! 🙂

    — Erin @

  • FrancesM

    What a stunning post!!!!! I wish more fashion magazines did spreads like yours – you are absolutely gorgeeeeeous… belly squish and all. 3 cheers to belly squish and REAL women!

  • Effie

    I love this post so much! You are gorgeous! I too have had the baby and dealt with the belly squish… and it’s come to my conclusion that it’s beautiful. You went through months for that belly, it grew a human in it! Be proud of it! Real Women Aren’t Perfect

  • Becca Lee

    I love these photos and I LOVE your body positivity. I think too often we are told we need to look a certain way when we’re all beautiful the way we are. You’re a gorgeous lady and I’m glad you know it!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  • Rya Pie

    This post says speaks to so many things that I deal with myself! I want to thank you so much for posting these photos because I do the same exact thing if I don’t like my tummy in photos that are really great. You’ve inspired me to be more brave. <3

  • Desarae

    Bravo. These pictures are fun, and beautiful and I’m glad you shared them with us! You know, I hadn’t even noticed your squish until you mentioned it. More often then not, I feel that is how it goes, we are far more critical of ourselves than others are, and those things we see and cringe over, others don’t even see. And even if they do, we can carry ourselves with confidence, gird ourselves with the Truth, and they won’t even give it a second thought because the entire package is beaming. 🙂