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    Day Eight: Fancy

      This is what we wore for our six-month anniversary date. Yes, he did match his bow-tie to my dress on purpose. {Forever 21} Dress: $24.80 | Earrings: $5.80 | Bracelets: $5.80 {Target} Heels: $20  {Payless} Clutch: $9.99 {Thrifted} Cardigan: $5 {Gift} Shawl {Total} $71.39 If you can’t tell, I think he’s devastatingly handsome. And I felt beautiful. follow me on: bloglovin | chictopia | facebook | twitter | pinterest      

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    30 Days of Dresses: For rainy days.

    Because of the 30 Days of Dresses challenge, I’ve postponed my usual Midweek Inspiration post. That, and I haven’t been reading blogs as faithfully as I usually do this week, so I didn’t find anything I particularly wanted to reinterpret my own way. I just realized that when I’m wearing dresses, I tend to style them as though they are skirts. Such as on day one, when I wore a cardigan over the dress so it looked like a skirt, or today (day three), when I folded the top of the dress under so… it basically is a skirt. With a bodice folded down. I just don’t tend to know quite…

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    30 Days of Dresses: and I look like a pumpkin.

    You can’t really tell in these pictures, but this dress has the tendency to make me look pregnant. That, and the way I stand when someone’s taking a picture of me- I try to be all cool and model-esque, but just end up slouching one shoulder weirdly, jutting my hip to one side, and forgetting to suck in my stomach. It’s not pretty. Thankfully, about halfway through the shoot, I remember that slouching is not beautiful and I should straighten up. I think my day two dress of the 30 Days of Dresses challenge is a bit boring. There are no patterns to be seen, and somehow I never quite…

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    To snow, or not to snow?

    The weather has not made up its mind what it wants to do. It snows like mad for fifteen minutes, and then the sun comes out and melts all the snow away, and then the clouds take over and dump again, and then everything gets depressed and gray and mediocre. It’s driving me nuts. I want it to snow already! In big flurries. Until we can’t see anything but white. But knowing Washington’s weather, it’ll probably just give up and rain, then freeze, and give us all weather that is neither pretty nor safe, and we’ll be stuck at home because the roads are slicker than snot, but there’s nothing fun to…

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    The perfect outfit.

    This is the perfect outfit for several reasons. One, it’s warm. I’m the advocate of always being warm, especially  here where it rains a lot and is usually cloudy. Two, there are pockets in this skirt. Pockets! Pockets are the best. Even if they are a little bit hard to find. Three, there are bright colors. And, if you can believe it, my sweater and tights are even brighter in real life. Four: owls. Do I even have to say it? Owl brooches= happy me. Five, this skirt is twirly. You know me and twirly skirts. I could twirl all day, except I would probably get sick and throw up…