• Photography

    Return of the bunny snatcher!

      Sarah and I also did a vampire photoshoot (we’re terrible at being vampires, by the way), and I’m still editing most of them, but I thought this might amuse you.  She took my bunny. 🙁 Have a fun Monday!

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  • Photography

    We need a Rochester. Any volunteers?

     My friend Sarah and I had a photoshoot yesterday. We took 640 pictures, and out of those… approximately 30 turned out. In the rest, we were laughing. Or making faces. But here are the good ones, for your enjoyment. (Yes, we climb trees in Vintage dresses. Because we’re cool like that.) And yes, I had fun editing these. Can you tell?       I think this one looks like a movie poster. Yes. I’m supposed to be dead. And yes, I know. I forgot to round these corners. You can see the full set of pictures on Facebook, as well as some outtakes. Because we are pretty much total spazzes. I hope…

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  • Fashion

    I TOLD you my pouting has the power to change the weather dramatically.

    Maybe if I pout more, the snow will stop melting and the sky will give us a blizzard. As with the last time it snowed, I had to do a fun random fantasy-esque photoshoot.  I had some fun with the editing, too. (Ugh, I just tried to spell “fun” with “ph”.) Fun fact: I made that mask. And the dress is actually a rectangular piece of fabric that I’ve safety-pinned up the side and at the shoulers and tied with a red ribbon. Because I am WAY too impatient to actually sew things together. And the sword in the second-to-last picture– which, sadly, did not want to show up amongst…