• Fashion

    The Key to My Heart

    I have the key to my heart around my neck and I’ve worn red, so you know who I am.  I want to fall in love today; the sky is grey and chilly, but it wouldn’t matter…  … if only you found me… Our love would be breathless; A melody not unlike the stars’ dazzling song- Full of untold wonders that can only be felt, not heard.  And you are like the sand; Which grain are you, and when will the sea bring you to me? The key to my heart hangs around my neck, and I’ve worn red, so you know who I am.  Dress, thrifted. Headband (necklace): Forever 21…

  • Photography

    All Hallow’s Eve

    ... and she is hopeless, because her lover is dead.   You can see the full set of these pictures here.    follow me on: bloglovin | chictopia | facebook | twitter | pinterest | Instagram/Ink361  

  • Love,  Photography

    We should be models.

    Note: These pictures are pretty much all better if you click on them to make them bigger. So, here are the rest of the photos (that turned out) from the day-before-two-months photoshoot! We might look grown up and mature, but on Saturday night we both dissolved into hysterical, so-much-we-cried laughter that lasted a good ten minutes (or maybe longer) over something that really can’t be explained. Suffice it to say… there were fart jokes involved, and we are both just… y’know… five. And I figure if a man can make me laugh so much I cry over something that nobody else understands, I’d better keep him. Especially if he’s laughing…

  • Love

    Eight Weeks.

    And I still think he’s the best thing since Peanut-Butter M&M’s. The weather co-operated with us yesterday, so we did a little photoshoot. (Yes, I changed my outfit.) I don’t have the pictures yet, though, and since there are over 90, he wouldn’t email them all to me. But here’s a little preview. I’ll post the rest… sometime later. Today, to celebrate being together for two months, we’re going to watch Lord of the Rings (which we didn’t get done yesterday), and he’s going to make me breakfast for dinner. It’s going to be wonderful. I hope you all have a beautiful weekend! Photo taken by Mr. Owl. Editing done…