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    Goals of a New Mom

    Today my goals are simple, and I only have three: 1. Stay dressed — this might not seem too hard, but believe me: when you have a newborn, you only get about 5 solid hours of sleep a night, and your house is almost always cold, it’s very tempting to stay in the softest, warmest pair of pajamas you can find and veg out watching Sherlock on Netflix. So I got dressed this morning in my new Oasap shirt, and I plan to stay dressed. I love this shirt, though, so it shouldn’t be hard. 2. Do the dishes. I’ve only washed maybe one load of dishes since I had…

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    30 Days of Dresses: Playing Favorites

    This is what I wore for my birthday. I nearly chose to wear a skirt instead and take a break from the dress challenge, but then I remembered my favorite dress, and how it goes well with my favorite cardigan and my favorite shoes, and there you have it! All around, my favorites. I think my 30 Days of Dresses might turn into more like 20 Days of Dresses. I definitely have at least 30 dresses, but I’m getting to the point where the ones I have left are dresses I feel like I’ve worn recently– before the challenge started– and also, I am getting bored of my closet. Today, I’m…

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    30 Days of Dresses: It doesn’t get any girlier than this.

    I don’t think I have worn this much pink… ever. Since I was a kid. Pink has never been amongst my favorite colors, possibly because it’s hard to find a good pink for my skin tone, and possibly because I’ve always been the one who wanted to be different. If girls were supposed to love blue, I’d probably decide my favorite color was yellow. …yellow is a good color. But that wasn’t the point. I do love the pink of this dress. And also the bow-print. I may have to do some dress-surgery, though, because the original bodice is not flattering. I tied up the sleeves, so you can’t see how…

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