Goals of a New Mom

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Today my goals are simple, and I only have three:

1. Stay dressed — this might not seem too hard, but believe me: when you have a newborn, you only get about 5 solid hours of sleep a night, and your house is almost always cold, it’s very tempting to stay in the softest, warmest pair of pajamas you can find and veg out watching Sherlock on Netflix. So I got dressed this morning in my new Oasap shirt, and I plan to stay dressed. I love this shirt, though, so it shouldn’t be hard.


2. Do the dishes.

I’ve only washed maybe one load of dishes since I had the baby, and he’s almost a month old. Now, people have come over and washed them for me (thanks, mom!) but it’s about time I learn to deal with having a baby and doing chores! And for now, I’m ignoring the mess in the rest of the house. I just want to get the dishes clean.


3. Actually get my shift for work done before my husband gets home.

I’m only working two hours a day right now, and my job is fairly easy. I mean, I can work while sitting on my couch with the TV on. I can work while I feed the baby. It doesn’t get any easier than that. But between feeding and entertaining a baby and getting housework done, somehow I always end up working after Nehemiah gets home. I don’t know why. It’s just easier that way.


Of course, I’d love to get more done in the day, but I’ve found that right now, simple goals are the best. I keep feeling as though I should have it together by now, until I realize that it’s only been a month, and it’s only been maybe a week since I’ve felt normal and healed up, and I only sleep for two solid hours at a time during the night, and most days when I wake up after my husband leaves I’ve only had about 5 actual hours of sleep. And once he leaves, I don’t really sleep, even when the baby isn’t awake.

So with all that in consideration, I feel a bit better about the few things I do get done in a day. Hey, getting dressed is a miracle in itself! And being able to take pictures… it’s a wonder I get that done.


This post is full of Oasap goodness today, oops! I try to spread c/o items throughout several posts, but these things go so well together I couldn’t separate them! I adore these sunglasses; I’m always on the lookout for a good pair of retro looking sunnies, and these do not disappoint! And this necklace… oh my goodness. New favorite. It’s even more gorgeous in person than it was online! I will be wearing this a LOT.

I really, really love Oasap, in particular their jewelry and their cardigans. Their costume jewelry is always so, so pretty, and better in person than it even is online. And their cardigans always drape so beautifully!


I’m so blessed to get to work with companies via my blog. I’ve read about a few different bloggers feeling badly that they receive c/o items, and that they’re going to try to accept less, but in my opinion… if it’s truly your style, and you pick it out yourself, it’s not a bad thing to accept items sent to you. Truly, I work for these things; it takes a good hour or two of my day to get dressed, style things, photograph them, and blog about them. I’m not just blindly working with sponsors to get free stuff; I only accept what I really like, and I only work with people who reflect my personal taste.

Plus, it’s fun! I am able to add to my wardrobe thoughtfully, in ways I normally couldn’t since I have such a tight budget, and other people can also benefit from the exposure they get via my styling something for them. Win-win, yes?


Necklace, sunglasses, and blouse c/o Oasap | Thrifted vintage skirt, heels, and belt

I feel like bloggers never really talk openly about working with sponsors or being affiliates, and they should. There’s nothing wrong with being sponsored and working with someone on a blog post, so long as you’re doing it because it’s actually something you truly love. Everything I’ve ever accepted via sponsors has been something I would actually have spent the money to buy. There are loads of sponsors shop items queued in my bookmarks that I’m keeping my eye on for the next time I’ve got a little extra spending money, because certain things will definitely belong to me one day.

What are your thoughts on accepting c/o items, and working with sponsors? When you read a blog, do you get disappointed that a blogger wears a ton of c/o items, or does it bother you? I’m not personally bothered by it in the least, perhaps because I know that when it comes to me, everything c/o is something I’d actually purchase.

Anyway! I hope you are all having a beautiful Wednesday! (I had to think for a minute to remember what day it is. The mom brain is in full swing now!)


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  • Desarae

    Lovely outfit- I love the colors and print of that top! Beautifully put together. I think your goals are very realistic- so many women try to get back into doing everything they did before having the baby and it ends up overwhelming them. I think your have a great approach. If you don’t mind my asking, what sort of work are you doing from home? I’m looking for another/better job but driving long distances is a problem I always run into because I live so far away from anywhere.

  • Sarah Whiting

    Those three goals are very ambitious! You’re doing very well for having just had a baby. I think you do have it together. Also, your outfit looks lovely! I love the colors.

  • Myranda Walno

    You have it WAY more together with a one month old than I have at any point in the last year. That’s the honest truth. I don’t even have a job to worry about. Ah, motherhood… Perhaps one day I will get it together…

  • Becca Lee

    Your goals sound great! I gotta get on that dishes one myself! I think c/o items aren’t a big deal unless I get a sense they don’t fit with someone’s style. I feel like bloggers put so much time and care into their posts that getting some compensation is hardly a bad thing!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  • Salazar

    Well, considering *I* want to spend my day in PJ’s and watching Sherlock (and with no baby to take care of!) I think this outfit post alone is a great accomplishment!

  • Jamie Rose

    Getting the dishes done really makes all the difference sometimes! And getting dressed is always a great goal.
    I usually don’t even think about whether an item is c/o or not on other people’s blogs. I have no problem with bloggers accepting free stuff. Most of the time we get to pick out what we’d like anyway. It’s not like they’re just throwing random things at us – at least not us mere mortal bloggers. We really do put a lot of time into our blogs so getting a few free things isn’t bad in my opinion. The only thing that’s kind of crappy is when a blogger only posts c/o items. I wonder if they even buy anything on their own!

  • Allison Katelyn

    I never really mind reading blogs that have received ℅ items – I still like to hear what the blogger has to say…! It should be used in a thoughtful way though, not just for the sake of featuring a random company product. I really enjoyed your birth story, btw! I don’t have children but am always curious about other’s experiences with kids! Congrats!

    Allison Katelyn @

  • Jeanne

    Yep, dishes are my default chore too! 😛 And starting to reorganize your day and getting your minimum done only one month after the birth sounds really good and brave (after everything else I’ve read on the topic of living with a newborn). If I can do the same, I’ll be happy! (Minus the staying dressed. I also work from home, and I happily go through most of the day in my PJs/yoga pants/home clothes… LOL)
    As for your question, I really don’t have a problem with bloggers showing sponsored items, as long as they mention it and make a visible effort to either select them according to their heart (as you do), or review them objectively. Whatever. In the end, bloggers do what they want with their blog, and readers read what they want!

  • Amia

    You look lovely Kristina! I think that c/o items are perfectly fine, especially if the blogger is only accepting items they actually love and would pick out, I mean, who doesn’t like free clothes?! The only time it bothers me is when bloggers take a huge fashion turn and start dressing all in c/o that is nothing like their normal style. At the same time, people are allowed to change the way they dress so I guess I shouldn’t really judge there either!