The Key to My Heart


I have the key to my heart around my neck
and I’ve worn red,
so you know who I am.2 4

I want to fall in love today;
the sky is grey and chilly,
but it wouldn’t matter… 

… if only you found me…6

Our love would be breathless;
A melody not unlike the stars’ dazzling song-
Full of untold wonders that can only be felt,

not heard. 7

And you are like the sand;11

Which grain are you, and
when will the sea bring you to me?12 The key to my heart hangs around my neck,
and I’ve worn red, so you know who I am. 10

Dress, thrifted.
Headband (necklace): Forever 21
I Want To Fall in Love Today” Original poetry by yours truly.

Sometimes, a girl just has to get dressed up in a princess dress and prance around in a field (yard). The downside to these pictures: at the end, I was covered in tree bark and moss, itchy from grass allergies, and sweating like a pig. And let me tell you, it is NOT easy to take a picture of yourself sitting in a tree with a self-timed camera.

But it was worth it.

I hope you are all having a beautiful Wednesday!


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    • Eccentric Owl

      Haha, that would be terrible! It’s so fun to do shoots like this. There ARE bees to worry about, but not too much worry because they’re mostly bumble bees. Except for the wasps that live in our eaves.

  • Marlen

    1. that dress is THRIFTED? amazing

    2. I can’t believe you take your photos alone. these turned out mind blowing

    3. pretty poetry 🙂

    4. i like the non-glamorous behind the scenes commentary, hahah

    xo Marlen
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    • Eccentric Owl

      1. Yes! I couldn’t believe it, either! It was around Christmas, and Goodwill tends to bring all of their fancy dresses out for holidays. I LOVE it.

      2 ha! I’m such an uncooperative model for other people. My husband gets really frustrated with me because I don’t behave. 😀 But I’ve been taking my own pictures since I was about sixteen (and back then, no tripod!) so I’m used to it!

      3. Thank you. 😀

      4. Oh man, you have NO idea how unglamorous it was to do this! So many things I could have said! But it was fun. Hehe.

  • city style country smile

    hahaha omg i so know that self timer tree pain!!! i love these shots though, so worth it, the dress is beautiful and i love the poetry, i assumed it was a song!

  • Alexandra Marie

    This is SO beautiful!!! You did an amazing job with the pictures and you look incredibly stunning!! Alex

  • Jamie Rose

    These pictures turned out so pretty! I love how this whole post is like a story. I really enjoyed the poem that went along with the pictures too.
    I’m glad you survived the itchiness and self-timer issues!