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    Gingham prints and new hair

    I’m back to dark hair again after two long weeks of hating my roots. I’m too cheap to get my hair touched up every month for $40, so it’s back to my normal $3.99 box dye and presto! But honestly, although I had fun with blonde hair, it made me realize how much more I LOVE being a brunette. Dark hair is my thing. In other news, we are FINALLY getting Internet at our house on Wednesday! No more blogging from my phone! Yay! And one of these days I’ll actually take real outfit pictures in this dress and these heels. I love them. I hope you are all having…

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    Dress (gift): Modcloth Tights: Kohl’s Heels: Thrifted Mr Owl’s brother got married last Friday, and this dress came JUST in time to wear. My husband bought it for me (along with some awesome sunglasses) for Valentine’s day, but for some reason their sizing runs way large so we had to send away for a smaller size. I love it, though. I want to wear this dress all day every day forever. It’s twirly, it’s retro, it’s got heart pockets, and it’s just perfect. Also, my husband is dashing and I love him. *swoon* Happy Wednesday!   follow me on: bloglovin | chictopia | facebook | twitter | pinterest | Instagram/Ink361  

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    Valentine’s Day Lookbook: Vintage

    This is the first photoshoot I have ever done by myself in a semi-public place. It was on a country road (I live in the country… ish…) in front of the doors of a community building, so people were driving by every once in a while (staring), and I drove by three times before I convinced myself I was brave enough to stop and take pictures there. But I did. I set up the camera, got the focus in place, and started snapping. Quite a few people slowed down as they drove by, and one lady, who lived on the driveway near this building, stared at me the entire time…

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    Resolution #5

    I’m trying to keep up with the blog even though I have no computer except the work computer, so while I’m waiting for the money to buy a new laptop, I thought I’d take care of other things: specifically, one of my new year’s resolutions. In my new year post, I mentioned cultivating my blog shop, which I’ve had around for a little while now. I started it up just to get rid of some of my clothes that I think are too pretty to give to Goodwill just yet, but the more I put up, the more I realized how much I love styling and posting garments for other…

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    New Year Wishes and Instagram Outfits

    I have been very faithfully recording my daily outfits on Instagram lately, so if you’re craving more outfits and I’m slow posting them to the blog, check on my Instagram, @owleccentric! I will be trying to make an insta-outfit pictures album on Facebook, but I can’t really do that until we get internet at my house. I have a few New Year’s resolutions now that we’re in the New Year and I’ve finished sharing my wedding pictures with you all, and since I didn’t do an official “Happy New Year!” post, I thought I’d do that now. So here they are. My new years resolutions. 1. Wear more/find more vintage…