Valentine’s Day Lookbook: Vintage


This is the first photoshoot I have ever done by myself in a semi-public place. It was on a country road (I live in the country… ish…) in front of the doors of a community building, so people were driving by every once in a while (staring), and I drove by three times before I convinced myself I was brave enough to stop and take pictures there.

But I did. I set up the camera, got the focus in place, and started snapping. Quite a few people slowed down as they drove by, and one lady, who lived on the driveway near this building, stared at me the entire time she walked out to get her mail, but the only person who actually approached me was quite nice. And maybe a little talkative.


He parked his truck next to the building and walked over as I was thinking “Please don’t be coming to talk, please don’t ask what I’m doing, please don’t kick me off the property…” and asked “Are you a photographer?”

I sort of shrugged and said I was working on it. Very smoothly (sarcasm. It was awkward) I said “Sorta. I have a blog…”


“Oh,” he said, digging in his wallet, and I had an aside thought that maybe he was going to pull a badge and say I needed a permit to be photographing on the land. Instead, he pulled out a little card with a flower, name, and photographer’s website on it, and said “Because I have this friend who is a photographer and he goes to this photographer… club, thing, y’know, where they all kind of teach each other. He does photoshoots, I dunno if you’re into that sort of thing but you could contact him if you want, he’s always looking for models…”


And he went on to tell me all of the things he didn’t actually know about photography (“you know, I don’t know anything about it but what my friend tells me”) and about the iPhone pictures he’s blown up in his office and the issues his friend was having with getting a high-resolution photograph printed, and all of the things that they did at the photography club (and they have professional photographers there– not your average joe who says “I do weddings”, you know, these guys have their pictures printed in magazines.”) for about fifteen minutes while I got cold and smiled and nodded and hoped he would stop so I could finish up the shoot and go home.


It was really quite entertaining. But it made me realize something: despite all the stares I got from passersby, and despite getting approached by a complete stranger because I had a camera and a tripod… taking pictures in public places isn’t as scary as you might think if you’re used to photographing in completely secluded, no-chance-of-meeting-other-humans locations.




As you might be able to tell by the ridiculous amoutbn of pictures, this is definitely my favorite Valentine’s day look. It’s not the one I’ll be wearing for the 14th– I’ve decided on the bombshell look (that you haven’t seen yet) because Mr. Owl loves that one the best. This vintage dress is one of my favorites, but I don’t wear it often becuase it’s white, it’s got a stain on the chest, and the collar itches terribly. Still, I wore it for most of the day until Mr. Owl got home and giggled at me for wearing all white.

Dress: Thrifted vintage | Belt, thrifted | Tights and Heels: Modcloth.

I can’t wait to style up and shoot the other two looks. Now that I’ve jumped the hurdle of the first public photoshoot, I’m planning to scout out some locations downtown by some colorful walls I know, and hopefully any encounters I have will be as nice as this one was.

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!



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  • Heather-Joan Carls

    I love the dress, dear! However, I don’t like red and I don’t wear red and only own one thing that is red, a baha jacket, which I haven’t worn in over a decade. Don’t know why I still have it. Probably because my mother gave it to me…Maybe a purple or black sash and matching shoes. I have a lot of white, purple, and black in my wardrobe. Most likely, I would wear it alone with my brown hippie looking sandals since it is a vintage, kinda hippy looking dress. But you look fantastic, as usual. It does suit you, dear. A great look on you. I hope you and yours have a great Valentines’ day. We don’t do anything special. It is just another day for us. We don’t believe in such a holiday. Why not celebrate love year round instead of just one day? Besides, out birthdays our both this month and it will be the best birthdays we’ve ever had. Have a lovely week dear, and may God bless you. xo

    • Eccentric Owl

      Thank you! It’s one of my favorite dresses. And it sounds like it would be cute the way you imagine styling it, too! It’s too bad you don’t like red; red is my favorite color. 🙂
      I always liked Valentine’s day; most people would feel bad going all-out to especially express their love for someone in more flamboyant (aka restaurants or flowers, etc) ways, but Valentine’s day gives us all a good excuse to be bold and do something more than every-day ways of showing love. And I think love deserves a day to be especially celebrated. 🙂
      You have a good week, too!

  • Salazar

    Oh I’ve definitely had that awkward professional photography discussion while taking outfit pictures, made even more awkward by the guy saying “I’m not hitting on you or anything…” Uh, thanks?

    I love the lace details on the dress – so gorgeous!

  • Sarah With A Bow

    I laughed throughout your entire recounting of that encounter. At least he was friendly! Also, on the plus side, the red door is bomb with the rest of your red. I’m looking forward to seeing what you wear for your actual outfit, now!

  • Kristi Beitler

    This is such a sweet look that gives a feminine subtle nod towards Valentine’s Day. I love it! I know what you mean about strangers approaching you as you take photos. I just wrote in today’s blog post about how some guy and his dog wouldn’t leave me alone and followed me around the whole shoot. I can’t wait to see your other two looks!

  • Jamie Rose

    I’m so glad the guy was nice and wasn’t just trying to creep on you! I’m very wary of taking pictures in public places, but I guess where I take mine near my apartment has a pretty high chance of people staring anyway.
    I love love this pretty Valentine-inspired outfit. Your white dress is gorgeous and the red shoes and dotted tights look perfect with it. You just look so pretty!