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Weekend Favorites, featuring Bijou Vintage Bazaar

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I have been feeling crampy for two days now, and I’m getting impatient for this baby to come! So while I’m sitting around waiting for a baby to arrive, what better to distract myself with than pretty vintage, quirky household items, and pretty accessories? Bijou Vintage Bazaar, as you can see, has all of these!

I have been dying to find some cute household additions, and I absolutely love the things she has listed! That pot in particular is the cutest. I really want to add some personal, retro touches to my decorating via mismatched dishes and cookware. Well, once we get a bigger house, anyway. Our cupboards are bursting as it is!

Pretty soon, I’ll have a waist again! I’m getting SO excited to be able to wear pretty dresses and skirts with actual waists, and the floral skirt in particular is something I’m keeping my eye on. Once Asa is born, I might just have to snatch it up. Even though my husband complains I have too many clothes as it is! Plus, that coat has an actual mink collar; it would be SO perfect for the rainy, dismal, chilly weather we have here in the winter, and the color is so pretty!

I’m also apparently drawn to things that could be found in your grandma’s closet, like that pretty pastel sweater (perfect for spring!) and the gorgeous brooch! I have quite the collection of brooches, and I think it would be such a good addition to my stash. (And again, my husband asks why I need more.)

What are you dreaming of this weekend?

Visit Bijou Vintage Bazaar to see more prettiness!

Happy Saturday!


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