WWC: the creepy edition. Wait… when is it ever not creepy?

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Weekly Writing Challenge

One entry this week- thank you Avra for making the rest of us look like slackers- and it’s pretty good! Hopefully the new picture will inspire us all to write something this week- although right now I’m more inspired to… take a nap.

The Man

By Avra-Sha Faohla

Excerpt: The Man is out there, waiting for you.

He sits upon a chair at the edge of the world, on a mountain of destruction, silent and motionless. One might think he was not living, for he stays in that position day after day – but he is far more alive than any mortal. [read more…]

For some reason, I can’t stay away from the potentially creepy or morbid pictures. Ah well. Suggested theme this week: Fairytale.


I have done diddly squat this week as far as writing goes. I have absolutely no excuses- but I do sort of feel like all this blogging has taken place of story-writing. I’ve  also been doing a lot of other things- you know, real life things- in preparation for the wedding at the end of the week…. in which I am the maid-of-honor. Which  means I have to write a toast-speech. Oh dear.

I keep forgetting about that.

My goal this week, as far as writing goes, is to get a chapter of Sweet Ireland Air written. I really want to finish it entirely, but I… well, I might be able to. I don’t have to work this week. We’ll see. At the very least, I’ll write a chapter. And you have it right here- I have absolutely  no reasons not to write this week. There’s nothing going on until Friday.

Word of the Day

So did you use adulation or maelstrom last week? I sure didn’t! 😉

Concupiscible: Worthy of being desired.

Yes, this was totally random.

Word of the Week

Offal: 1. The edible internal parts of an animal, such as the heart, liver, and tongue.

2. Dead or decomposing organic matter.

3. Refuse; rubbish.

Lovely, isn’t it?

Wrapping it up:

I am going to rest awhile. And then I am going to open  up Sweet Ireland Air and I’m going to try to write the next chapter. Thank you, and good…day.




I was going to show you my full outfit because in real life, it’s very elegant. But on camera, I just couldn’t get a good angle. So I’ll show you the close-ups of my jacket and dress instead.