Saturday’s Fashions

I nearly forgot to do a blog post today, because my mom’s 50th birthday party was today… and I was in charge of that.

By the end of it, I was literally tired enough to cry. And would have, if there hadn’t been people around. I’m better now. 😉 And not that it was horrible or anything, it’s just a lot to put on a party for 86 people. (42 of those, I am related to. And that’s not all of my relatives. That’s probably not even half of my relatives. )

So I’m just going to do a week-in-outfits poll today, because I am exhausted and I want to write.

I have a confession: I didn’t actually end up wearing this all day. I got too cold- even though the sun was out, it was quite chilly here. So I changed into something warmer… and… yeah. But the idea was good, right?

Okay. I’m off to… rest. I probably won’t actually write much tonight, other than  a few notes. Sigh.

I love giving parties, but OH MY GOSH 86 people??? I’m still a little overwhelmed.

Have a lovely tomorrow!