Saturday’s Fashions

I nearly forgot to do a blog post today, because my mom’s 50th birthday party was today… and I was in charge of that.

By the end of it, I was literally tired enough to cry. And would have, if there hadn’t been people around. I’m better now. 😉 And not that it was horrible or anything, it’s just a lot to put on a party for 86 people. (42 of those, I am related to. And that’s not all of my relatives. That’s probably not even half of my relatives. )

So I’m just going to do a week-in-outfits poll today, because I am exhausted and I want to write.

I have a confession: I didn’t actually end up wearing this all day. I got too cold- even though the sun was out, it was quite chilly here. So I changed into something warmer… and… yeah. But the idea was good, right?

Okay. I’m off to… rest. I probably won’t actually write much tonight, other than  a few notes. Sigh.

I love giving parties, but OH MY GOSH 86 people??? I’m still a little overwhelmed.

Have a lovely tomorrow!



  • Bethly

    Rest well, you deserve it! I’m a little bit panicking right now because I meant to have that entry for the Weekly Writing Challenge done and it’s not yet. Wait! What day is… it’s Saturday night, not Sunday!?

    I feel a little bit better. I’d say, “Don’t end the contest without me!” but I guess that would defeat the purpose of the challenge, huh? *sigh* Okay… just know I should have it… soon!

    But egads, woman! 86, people!? You definitely deserve some rest.

    Oh yes, and your Hearts Day outfit has to take the gold for me because it’s yellow. And it helped kick start my creativity for the short story. 😉

    • Mara

      Hehe, I’m so glad you finished your WWC entry!!! It made me happy to see that. I haven’t read it yet, though. I’m really slow today.

      Yeah, 86. We didn’t expect them all to come. And stay. So y’know… but at least it went well, and we didn’t run out of food. 😀

      😀 Awww. I like that one too.