The Queen of Ice and Snow

Snow Princess-18Snow Princess-31

I know that it is technically time for Valentine’s day, but over this weekend Washington was hit with snowfall the likes of which haven’t been seen since the early 90’s! So of course, I had to take advantage and get a few snow-filled photoshoots in before today, when the rain is supposed to begin washing it all away. Today’s post was inspired by the lovely Katie and subsequently Elizabeth over on Instagram, who posed in the snow in their beautiful vintage dresses. As soon as I saw them, I knew I wanted to do a gown-in-the-snow photoshoot. The only thing was, I had to wait for snow!

And boy, did we get snow! It dumped on us all weekend long, which meant I was out almost every day taking photos because I didn’t know how long it would last! Typically, snow here on the coast lasts a whopping day, and melts away the next leaving nothing but muddy slush and disappointment. To have consistent snowfall for an entire four days was a novelty indeed. I am so excited to share my snow posts with you (and if you want to preview what will be coming here to the blog head over to YouTube! A lookbook will be going up today!). I feel as though my creativity grew this weekend. I am starting with my favorite shoot of the bunch, which happens to be the last photos I took.

Snow Princess-23 Dress, vintage (similar) | Cape, vintage (similar) | earrings and brooch, vintage (same here, here, here) | hat, vintage (similar) | gloves, vintage (Similar)

Wildwood-40Snow Princess-6Snow Queen Collage 1Snow Princess-19

And anyway, who says that some snowy photos can’t be romantic? While I definitely still want to do something cute and Valentine themed, I’m happy to just keep on posting my own little fairytales in photo form.

I thought it was fun to also look back at the last time I wore this dress, which I altered to make a Cinderella costume! How my photo skills have changed since then, oh my! I love being able to look back at past photos and see the improvement. It reminds me to keep working even if I feel like nothing has gotten better, because in a few years I’ll be able to see that hard work. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll do another Snow Queen photoshoot and look back and see how I could have improved these?

Snow Princess-25Snow Princess-8Dress, vintage (similar) | Cape, vintage (similar) | earrings and brooch, vintage (same here, here, here) | hat, vintage (similar) | gloves, vintage (Similar)
Snow Princess-4Snow Queen Collage 2Snow Princess-13

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