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It had something to do with vampire that I don’t remember or care about.

So.. a book review. This is actually a novella, and I realized that another Twilight book review is due- as I wanted to knock them off once a month. Instead of… whatever the second one is called in the series… you get this. The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner– aka, that one vampire that I can’t remember who apparently dies anyway.

Sorry to spoil it for you.

Bree Tanner shows up in the end of Eclipse, and I gathered from Stephenie Meyer’s forward that she may have stood out somewhat from all the other vampires that attacked the Cullen clan in the end. But for the life of me, I cannot remember her. At all.

It has been over two years since I’ve read the books, though.

Anyway. Second Life— since I’m  too lazy to spell the whole thing out– follows Bree Tanner’s “life” as a vampire as she figures out that she and a little coven of young vampires are being lied to by their leader, Riley. They’ve been fed all the myths about vampires- can’t be out in the sunlight, death by steaks… I mean… stakes… etc… and, being young, stupid, and careless, they believe them.

However, Bree is smarter than the rest- of course, because she’s the heroine- and soon after meeting Diego, another smart young vampire, she begins to question Riley’s control.  She and Diego form a super secret ninja club and find out that all they do is sparkle in the sunlight, and of course they’re much too strong and impervious to harm to be staked by a wooden stake.

And, because no vampire story is complete without romance, Bree and Diego become sweethearts. Almost.

Because I’m terrible and I feel like spoiling it for you, I’ll insert a more tag. If you’ve been directed here from the twitter link, quit reading now if you don’t want to know exactly what happens.

In the end, Diego is presumed dead- although it’s only proven by Bree’s gut feeling– the baby-vamp creator is revealed to be Victoria, the attack on the Cullens fails (of course), and the Volturi kill Bree because, even though she is surrendering and willing to become a vegetarian vampire, they don’t make exceptions. Which is stupid.

My thoughts about it? Eh. For some reason, I didn’t like the first-person narration. Bree seemed… she didn’t have much character, to me, and it was a very observational book. As with the rest of the Twilight series, I’m already forgetting the characters. Diego was the only person in this book that really stood out, because he was actually quite fun and had a good personality.

Overall… two out of five stars. I wasn’t thrilled about the book, and it was another one that– for me– will be out of my mind in a week’s time. Once again, though, I’m a very picky reader. So… that’s probably part of it.

But I’ve also discovered that I’m not much for vampire fiction.

I’m sure that if you loved Twilght, you would like The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. If you didn’t like Twilight, you won’t like this one either.

Now excuse me while I go write. 😉



Day four of the color challenge. D is for Denim and Dogwood Rose.

I loooove my  necklace. 😀

I’m not going anywhere today- for the first time in eight days- so I’ve chucked the denim coat in favor of a more comfortable cardigan (the one from yesterday) and I am no longer wearing those shoes. Which, by the way, were definitely not made to walk in with tights on.

But I almost went to pick up some balloons, in which case I would have worn this out.

Also, I want to show you just how hard it is to get a picture of an off white skirt on a cloudy day:


It’s the belt from the dress I wore yesterday! That’s why I like things that come with belts. More versatile. 🙂


  • Bethly

    I actually was thinking of reading that book when I was still in the midst of challenging myself to read one brand new book each week. But it looked too easy to be part of a challenge. 😛 Aaaand… I paid my debt to society by reading all the Twilight books already and I didn’t care to wait for the library to send me another one. Your review sums up my exact predictions. I don’t have time anymore to read mediocre novels. Unless I read one my mistake. I’d much prefer catching up on Mara’s FP stories. 🙂 And that’s the honest truth.

    I love your necklace, too! 🙂 If we were neighbors I’d ask to borrow it. And I’d let you borrow my new owl earrings in exchange. 😉

    • Mara

      Yeah, it is an easier book to read, since it’s a novella rather than a novel, but I figured… it works. It wasn’t something I’d tell anyone to read just because I found it… forgettable.
      😀 Awwww.

      I wish we were neighbors! I want to at least SEE your earrings! Owls. Sigh. I love them.

  • Sarah

    I haven’t read The Second Life of Bree Tanner, and really have no desire too even though I love the Twilight series. I remember Bree from the series, and the movie, and her character spikes no interest in me at all. I’m surprised you read this! I certainly wouldn’t have. Thanks for proving to me that my lack of interest is well founded.

    That necklace is absolutely gorgeous! And I really love your whole outfit. You pull of a jean jacket really well, I can’t.

    • Mara

      Hehe, you’re welcome. I was intrigued simply because it was related to Twilight, but yeah. I didn’t expect much.

      Maybe you just haven’t found the right shape of jacket. 😉