My library is better than yours.

So this is what I wear when I go to the library. I always wonder if they ever try to figure out what it is I do, because I’m always dressed up… and I always go in around ten or eleven in the morning. Hmm. Anyway.

Yay for more semi-awkward pictures taken by my mom! I so need to learn to stand still and wait for the click of the camera. Secret: this skirt? It’s a dress. Yeah. Shocking, eh? I mean, it’s not like I’ve ever done that before…

Okay. Maybe I have.

So I have another confession: I’ve committed a very grave fashion sin. I bought a dress that is a little bit too small for me.

But before you scold me, I have a good reason! Really, I do! (Aside from the fact that it’s an amaaaaazing color: look)

As you can see, it fits me very awkwardly around the hips. But I bought it for three reasons– one, the aforementioned amaaaazing color. Two, it was five dollars. And three, the most prominent and important one, I’m using it as a motivational goal to lose the weight I’ve been meaning to lose for two years now. I’m currently 18lbs away from my goal weight (current: 153. Goal, 135), and I need to step it up and actually exercise like you’re supposed to.

So! That’s why I bought this dress. I am going to hang it on my door along with a note yelling at me to exercise, and let’s see if I can’t lose at least 10lbs by my birthday. (Which is 6 weeks and one day away. Which means if I lost a pound and a half a week, I’d pretty much be good. I’m tempted to try to lose the whole 18lbs by then, but that may  not be healthy. 3.something lbs a week… is pushing it.)

I took a before picture– a hopeful before picture– in the dress, and when I reach my goal weight, I’ll take an after picture and show you the difference. Also, this is probably going to be the last weight post I do until I reach my goal weight.

Speaking of buying $5 dresses, though, I found another one while I was in Goodwill, and it actually fits me now.

I think it’s also gorgeous. And I’m pretty sure it’s vintage. And I love it. Bonus, it’ll still fit me when I’ve lost weight, because it’s got an elastic waist and it’s one of those dresses that fits a large range of weight… ranges…

Anyway! That’s the end of my clothes rambling. I’m going to do my best to read a book today and do a book review. Or at least read half of a book and do a partial book review. Now that I have The Tenant of Wildfell Hall to start reading.

So you can look for that later today.

I’m going to go take a walk.