I’ll stand in the rain for you

So I did something to my head. It was a very impulsive something, and it could have turned out very badly.

Would you like to see?

Of course you would!

 I don’t think this is particularly the best showcasing of my new bangs, which I cut this morning, but I like them. They’re quite… they make me feel French. Or something.

It’ll take me a few days to really settle into them, but they turned out better than I thought. Especially considering the many factors of today that should really have rendered me incapable of doing anything.

 And, by the way, it was raining. Is raining, cold, wet, windy, and generally unpleasant to stand outside and pose in front of a wet fence. But I did anyway, because I love you and also because when one wears a skirt like this, one cannot let that occasion go unphotographed.

 Another thing about today: I thought I was supposed to work, yes? At 3:30 in the morning. So, as is the norm when I work at 3:30am, I got up at 2:45, stumbled around the house getting ready, left early, was there early, and got all the way to counting the till before my coworker showed up.

And asked “What are you doing here, crazy mama?”

Apparently it’s NEXT Monday that I work. *ahem* You’d think the one who makes the schedule would know when she works.

 So guess who’s been awake since 2:45am with no plans of sleeping today, and who is running on about three hours of sleep, and who took outfit pictures in the rain/wind/steam of the dryer vent?

It’s either dedication or insanity. Or maybe both.

 Although considering this face, it’s probably more likely insanity.

I don’t even know.

 Also, I have worn this shirt three days in a row. I may never wear another shirt. Because this one is perfect.

And it goes with everything.

 Before I forget to mention it, I’m copying Gee today.

 And yes, you should be very jealous of my amazing shoes. They’re real leather (suede?), fuzzy, and just… the best shoes ever.

 Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go curl up on my bed and work on a story. If I can decide which one it is that I want to work on, that is.

Have a beautiful Monday!