Friday Links: Wedding Style

What I hope my wedding will evoke: 1. paper lanterns 2. the perfect wedding dress 3. flower headband 4. pie in jars 5. owl cake toppers 6. wildflower bouquet 7. foresty wedding cake.

Just to warn you guys, this blog might become very wedding-focused in the next four months. But I am (naturally, and obviously) really excited, so you know.

So far, everything has been falling into place incredibly easily. We have a place, a date, an officiant, colors, a photographer, my aunt will make our wedding cake and desserts (we’re having pie and cake in 4oz mason jars, and then she’s going to make us a personal cake to cut that looks like that one up there), his sister will help coordinate, decorate, and do flowers, and we even have a place that we will most likely rent for a while!

It’s all overwhelmingly wonderful. The only big thing left, for me, is finding a wedding dress. The one I’ve always adored is an antique 1800’s wedding gown that sold online for somewhere around $2,000… which is like… my entire budget for the wedding. So, you know, no antique wedding gowns for me. But I go to David’s Bridal on Monday to try on dresses, and they’re having a big sale right now… so maybe we’ll find something that evokes that antique-ness I love for much, much cheaper.

In other news, my soon-to-be-niece started her own fashion blog, and it is already awesome! I think she has great style, and she’s just so pretty anyway. I can’t wait to be her official aunt.

I should probably go before I break down into mushiness, but I just have to say: I am incredibly blessed to have future in-laws as wonderful as Mr. Owl’s family. It’s still unreal that this dream is happening!


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