Wishing For Sunshine

I’ve been working very hard lately on getting items photographed so I can finally open up my new little pet project of a vintage/retro online store, and as I was photographing this skirt to sell, my husband saw me and said “You’re not getting rid of that, are you?” 8

Apparently, he really likes it. So I guess that means I get to keep it! Which is nice, considering mostly he tells me “Eh, lose it…” when I ponder whether or not I should keep an awesome vintage piece I originally bought to sell.


But now that I think about it, I know why he likes this skirt: it’s part hippie, part prarie-girl with its ruffled edges and wonky waistline. Seriously, this skirt is vee’d on one side and buttons up the other and I have NO idea which way is front and which way is back. So I just wear it side to side.


Forever 21: Blouse
Thrifted/Vintage: Belt, Skirt
Target: Heels
Modcloth/gift: Sunnies

I really love this outfit, though, and I can’t WAIT for summer so that I can actually wear it outside.  Are you all excited that it’s finally spring?

Although here, it’s been torrential rain and forecasts of snow. Sigh.

Happy Thursday!


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