Summer Wishes


Under the light of full disclosure, I only wore these sandal wedges for half the day. See, when we left our house, it was sunny and windless, and while not necessarily warm, at least it wasn’t cold.

But then, of course, I had the brilliant idea to take photos downtown by the water where it’s naturally colder and windier, and basically… froze my toes off. After we were done, I immediately changed into a nice warm coat and some comfy flats! Ah, the things we do for outfit pictures! My lovely husband endured the cold with me, thank goodness. I’m getting used to taking pictures on my own, but there’s definitely a different (better) quality to the pictures he takes! I smile more, for one. And he gets better shots than I do!


I hope you all had a good weekend! We went to see Oz The Great and Powerful, and it was really fun. I thought they could have added a little more character development (everything felt rushed!) and could have dragged a few plot developments out more, but overall I liked it a lot! And the beginning credits were seriously the best credits I have ever seen. I LOVED them.

I also loved the costumes, makeup, and how colorful everything was! You don’t see colorful movies very often these days!

Has anyone else seen it? What did you think?

I am really excited because I have been trying my hand at growing my own herbs– Oregano, Thyme, Parsley, and Basil– and they’re all starting to peek their heads through the dirt and spring up! Parsley hasn’t come up yet, but the other three are growing strong. I LOVE growing things! I hope someday we can have a little garden (not a big one, too overwhelming!) and grow some produce. We might actually be able to garden at our rental, but I’m not sure.


I tried some makeup inspired by the latest InStyle magazine’s “Dare No. 6” to swipe some color on below the lower lashes, but you can’t really tell in these pictures. I love the way it turned out, though. I think it makes my eyes look bigger– I’m usually an upper-lashline-liner, but this is fun and different. I want to get some bright colors to play with for spring!

I can’t wait until the weather warms up so that I can wear these more often!


Thrifted: Cardigan, wedges, belt
Forever 21: Blouse
Target: Jeans

I hope you are all having a good Monday so far! I’m feeling a little under the weather, but I think it might be due to something that I ate last night (I’ve found that if I have more than a few tablespoons of coconut milk, I get a stomach upset. Which is weird).

What did you all do for St. Patrick’s day?


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