How to wear a red skirt forever.



Well, that was an accidental week-long break from the blog! Last week was really busy, though, after spending the entire (very rainy) weekend up at Kalaloch camping. I didn’t get to clean our house (which severely needs it!) at all, and going back to work after a weekend camping meant I didn’t get much rest. Plus, it rained all week.

I really, really  need to get us some internet at our house. And a new charger cord for my computer, so I can actually use it again. Y’know. Little things. We’ve been married for almost six months (six months on Saturday!) and we don’t have internet yet.

And really, that’s okay!

IMG_1845I promise, I have worn clothes other than this skirt. But it’s just so irresistible, and I want to wear it with pretty much everything I have! It’s probably the most versatile and flattering skirt I own and I love everything about it.

Next wishlist item: a pleated yellow skirt like this one.

IMG_1844 I have been thinking lately that it would be really great to find a way to work from home. I don’t know how; selling vintage/retro clothing would be a GREAT one if it ever picked up, but I haven’t marketed my shop that well. Becoming a published author would be a dream come true, if I ever finished writing/editing a novel (I’ve got a few that need just a few more chapters. I should practice persistence and patience with that).

Really, I would just love to be a full-time housewife. I know that’s kind of a weird aspiration in this day and age,  but I’m not cut out for work outside the home. When I have the day off, I love taking care of the house, cooking, running errands, and just… fully being a wife. I feel like my day-job really cuts away from the blessing that it is to be a wife who gets to take care of her house and husband.

I think I’ve always been a homebody like that.


IMG_1850 IMG_1851


I also think it would be super fun to be a personal stylist,  but with that I’d stick to finding items online. I think I could be pretty good at finding a full outfit (or dress, or whatever) for an occasion for an affordable price. And, y’know, it’d be a blast! Shopping for other people is always really enjoyable to me.

So, you know, if anyone needs help finding an outfit for something, I’d be willing to practice on you. 😉



Shirt: Kohl’s (similar)
Skirt, belt, brooch, heels: Thrifted

I hope you all have a fantastic Monday!


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