Dot, dot, houndstooth


I gave in. I decided to spite the rain and take pictures anyway. Because when I walked out the door, it wasn’t raining that hard. It was a mist. I figured, hey… it’s just a little misty, I can totally rock some pictures right now.

Except that it started pouring halfway through, and by then I didn’t care. IMG_1673

I  may or may not have looked at my closet yesterday morning and just thought “wear all the black-and-white patterned things!” Lucky me that they actually go together. For the most part. I folded up the bottom of my cardigan to be a bit shorter, but that didn’t last all day. I need to find a few more cropped cardigans, because I prefer that length with dresses.

Not that I really need more clothes until winter, when I can actually wear those cardigans. Y’know.IMG_1674

I hope you all are having a good week! Tomorrow’s FRIDAY! We’re going to go camping tomorrow among the twisted trees of the cliffside, and I cannot WAIT! I just hope it’s not too cold. Well, I don’t mind cold; I just hope it doesn’t rain too much. Camping in the rain is only fun for like an hour. And then it’s miserable. IMG_1680IMG_1681IMG_1682

I love these shoes, and I need to wear them more often. Thank you, Kohl’s, for having a supersale and letting me buy these for $4.97. You’re awesome.IMG_1675

Target: Cardigan
Thrifted: Dress, belt
Kohl’s: Heels

Have a fantastic Thursday!!!


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