Let It Snow…

Oh my goodness, you guys!!! SNOW. (Okay, so that’s obvious.) I know in some parts of the world people get snow all the time and therefore hate it, but in my part of the world… winter = rain, or clouds, or just misery. Rarely snow. I think last year we got a smattering of snow… Read More Let It Snow…


Swan Princess

Today, my mind has struck blank. I really wanted to film a makeup tutorial this morning, but one thing after another went wrong, and I just wasn’t feeling it. And then I loved taking the outfit pictures (and I LOVE this outfit) but now that I’m sitting down to write a post, I have nothing.… Read More Swan Princess


Thoroughly Modern Alice

You know you’re a mom blogger when… …you immediately go inside and put your hair up after you’ve taken outfit pictures because the baby will try to eat it otherwise. … you wipe off your lipstick five minutes later because the baby smeared it everywhere. … there are food and milk stains on your skirt… Read More Thoroughly Modern Alice

Book Reviews, Fashion

The Woodcutter

Today’s outfit was NOT inspired by this book. But as I was walking out the door, I spotted the book and thought “Oh hey, we match!” so we’ll pretend it was intentional. Really, I just wanted to wear this fantastic cape thing from my darling friend Sarah’s late grandma — she’s the same person who… Read More The Woodcutter