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Thoroughly Modern Alice | www.eccentricowl.comThoroughly Modern Alice | www.eccentricowl.comYou know you’re a mom blogger when…

…you immediately go inside and put your hair up after you’ve taken outfit pictures because the baby will try to eat it otherwise.

… you wipe off your lipstick five minutes later because the baby smeared it everywhere.

… there are food and milk stains on your skirt and you don’t even care because at least you’re dressed.

… you only wear clothes that can be easily washed, bent over in, sat down in, and have enough fabric to cover if little hands start pulling on things.

… you look forward to nap time because it means you can get out the camera and not worry that the baby will pull the tripod over on himself.Thoroughly Modern Alice | … you sit on the floor to blog so that you can simultaneously edit pictures and entertain your child.

… you wear bright colors and headscarves not only because you like them, but also because your child likes them and they work as handy distraction techniques should you need them.Thoroughly Modern Alice | I feel like a very modern Alice (in Wonderland) in this outfit. The shirt, obviously, but also the headscarf bow reminds me of bunny ears, and I have always thought that this skirt would be a perfect component in an Alice in Wonderland costume.

This top is actually a crop top which comes barely below my skirt’s waistline when it’s untucked; I had it untucked earlier with a camisole underneath, but I think a loose top needs a fitted skirt to work (which gives me an idea for another outfit!) on me. I am not usually (or ever) a crop top girl because I don’t want to bare that kind of skin ever, but I just could not pass up the Cheshire cat! So, I’ll figure out ways to make it work. Thoroughly Modern Alice | And now I am wishing I had worn my hair up in a bun, because once I got back inside and put it up to keep it away from Asa’s greedy fingers, I instantly liked the whole thing better. Not that I don’t like it with my hair down, but there’s something better about having hair pulled up with a headscarf.  Thoroughly Modern Alice | Thoroughly Modern Alice | In some slightly sadder news, I may be done dyeing my hair for a while. Lately I feel like I’ve been shedding a lot more than usual, plus it’s been frizzy and tangly and hard to manage — which it never was before — and it has been pretty worked over in the last year or so. I think I need to let it rest and grow back to its natural healthy self. But we’ll see. I am not sure if I really want to give up the red just yet! Thoroughly Modern Alice |  Shirt c/o Choies | skirt, thrifted | headscarf and umbrella, vintage/grandma’s | shoes, Modcloth | tights, Target | glasses c/o Firmoo

I hope you are all having a good week! Happy Tuesday!

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  • skye

    So, as luck would have it, I bought a VERY similar skirt this weekend, and I too have an Alice in Wonderland look planned! Yours is just lovely. I love the eclectic mix of prints & patterns, and the yellow is a perfect bookend.

    Re: hair dye – I’ve been doing it myself for a few years now, so I’ve accumulated some tips to combat frizz & tangles. You probably already know this stuff, but it can’t hurt to just put it all out there:

    1) Wash in cold (or at least cool) water. I know, I know – but it really does work wonders. Whenever I give in to comfort and wash my hair in hot water, it’s ALWAYS frizzy until the next wash.
    2) Mix a bit of your dye in with the conditioner. It’ll fade much slower. On that note, the quality of your conditioner really matters. My personal favorites are Biotera, Paul Mitchell, and Palmer’s. The latter has an olive-oil base, which is super rejuvenating.
    3) Leave-in conditioner, yo. It’s magic.

    It’s up to you if you’d like to stop dyeing, but I like to help people stay red. 😉

  • Salazar

    That shirt is perfect!

    My little nephew likes to eat my (and his mom’s) hair too, even when I put it up. But then again he eats everything he can get his hands on…

  • Mom

    I love your natural color of hair. I hope you do grow it out and keep it that way for a while. I do love the red, too, though.