Let It Snow…

Let It Snow...  | www.eccentricowl.comLet It Snow...  | Oh my goodness, you guys!!! SNOW. (Okay, so that’s obvious.)

I know in some parts of the world people get snow all the time and therefore hate it, but in my part of the world… winter = rain, or clouds, or just misery. Rarely snow. I think last year we got a smattering of snow maybe once, and it wasn’t even pretty snow. It was slushy, gross snow.

So to wake up this morning to a winter wonderland… I was pretty excited. Especially because we had planned to take our first little family Christmas card picture today. Everything turned out so perfectly!

Let It Snow...  | Suffice it to say, though, this was the shortest self-shot outfit photoshoot I have EVER done. Because not only did we first take family shots so that my husband could get Asa back inside while I commenced my own photoshoot, but then the wind kicked up and basically froze my hands into claws. So cold.

It’s worth it for this, though. We might attempt a photoshoot in the cape I made for my husband’s Red Riding Hood film, because how amazing would that be? The cape is incredibly flowy; it’s that kind of filmy fabric that is light enough to catch the wind and flow dramatically when you run, but still heavy enough not to just flip out everywhere. I love it. Let It Snow...  | www.eccentricowl.comLet It Snow...  | I figured that since I posted a list of DIY projects yesterday, that could suffice as this week’s weekend links. Especially since I haven’t been online much because of Thanksgiving, and today is my last day to post an outfit that is not a dress.

Dressember starts on Monday! I mean, I will probably layer skirts over dresses, because that’s legal (the only rules are… wear a dress. Style it however, but it has to be a dress!) but I’m not as good at that as some people are. Let It Snow...  | Let It Snow...  | www.eccentricowl.comLet It Snow...  | Also, I cannot express enough how much I love this entire outfit. The flower crown, which is a gorgeous little crown from Choies (it’s actually big enough to wear as a headband, but I pinned it up a bit), the plaid skirt, my favorite animal-printed shirt, this scarf my husband made… it all matches my hair… and snow. Love. Let It Snow...  |

Flower crown c/o Choies | shirt, belt, sweater, and vintage skirt, thrifted | boots, JC Penney | tights, Target | scarf, husband made | glasses, c/o Firmoo

Speaking of Choies, if you want anything from their site now is the perfect time; they’re running their cyber weekend sale right now and you can get SO many things for amazing prices. Like this cape (I’m addicted to capes right now), or this gorgeous lace shirt (so perfect for Christmas!), or this adorable striped dress (can you tell I’m into black and white right now?). It’s my first year really getting into Black Friday and Cyber Monday/Cyber Weekend shopping, and it’s been super fun visiting my favorite sites to snag deals!

Anyway! I hope you are all having a wonderful, warm, safe weekend wherever you are! Happy Saturday!

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