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Swan Princess | www.eccentricowl.comSwan Princess | Today, my mind has struck blank. I really wanted to film a makeup tutorial this morning, but one thing after another went wrong, and I just wasn’t feeling it. And then I loved taking the outfit pictures (and I LOVE this outfit) but now that I’m sitting down to write a post, I have nothing.

Besides which, Asa has been acting out of sorts; either he’s teething again, or he’s sick. I’m hoping it’s the first one! I know the flu has been going around my husband’s family, which means that Thanksgiving at their house is off, and I don’t want him to catch it.

Swan Princess | I’m so sad that we won’t be seeing my in-laws for Thanksgiving; it’s always so fun to be at their house amongst all of the family, and they had been planning to go up to the snow on Friday to play. It would have been Asa’s first time in snow… and he might have had to wear a pink snowsuit because he’d have to borrow his cousin’s, but it would have been so fun!    Swan Princess | www.eccentricowl.comSwan Princess | But having this skirt in my wardrobe now makes things a little bit better. I’m very slowly  but surely adding to my collection of quirky animal prints, and this swan print skirt is definitely my new favorite thing! Before you know it, my closet is just going to be full of nerdy tee shirts and animal-printed everything.

Swan Princess | I was a little bit worried about the fit of this skirt; it only comes in one size, but has an elastic band in the waist so that it will fit several sizes. I’d guess it stretches up to about 32-34″, though, so there was no problem there! I did, however, cut out the half-lining, because on my wider hips it was constantly riding up. On someone with skinner hips, I think the lining would be no problem! Besides, the print is totally worth it!

Swan Princess | I hope you all have good plans for Thanksgiving! We had planned to go to my parents’ for the first part of the day, and my in-laws’ for the second half, but now that the flu has hit the in-laws, we will probably spend all day with my family. And then on Friday, we might actually go Black Friday shopping, which would be the first time I’ve ever done it!

Not that we have anything in particular we need, or a lot of extra money to buy anything with, but if there’s something really good (Paleo cookbooks! Toys for Asa!) we may just have to mini-splurge.

Swan Princess | Swan Princess | Can you believe that Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and then there’s Christmas in a month? This Christmas will be a tight one for us, with my having quit my job, but I think it will still be a good one! Because we have less money, I’ve been getting more creative with what I’ll be giving and making people, and it’s been fun! I have always wanted to do more homemade gifts, and now’s definitely the time for it. Swan Princess | www.eccentricowl.comSkirt c/o Choies | belt and shirt, thrifted | shoes, Modcloth | earrings, old | glasses, c/o Firmoo

I would love to just get into giving more handmade gifts all the time, regardless of how much money we have, and I’m thinking that this may be the start of it, now that I know how much fun it is to make things! What are some of your favorite handmade gift ideas?

Have a beautiful Wednesday!

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  • Tinkerbell

    Hi Kristina! Could you do a post on handmade/diy gift ideas? I think I might be taking that route this Christmas as well.

  • Mom

    One of my favorite home made gifts to give is jar cookies, cake, soup, etc. It is easy to do and is so pretty to look at and tastes so great!

  • Heather Gwinn

    Sometimes when I sit down to write a post I completely draw a blank too. I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets a loss for words.

    I absolutely love your outfit once again! You have a wonderful style! That skirt is so adorable! I’m crazy about your shoes too. I’ve tried to get them from ModCloth but they keep going out of stock. So I finally snagged a similar yellow heel.

    I love to make and receive homemade gifts. There is something so wonderfully special about gifts made from scratch. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. I was thinking of making a few myself!