Goals of a New Mom

Today my goals are simple, and I only have three: 1. Stay dressed — this might not seem too hard, but believe me: when you have a newborn, you only get about 5 solid hours of sleep a night, and your house is almost always cold, it’s very tempting to stay in the softest, warmest… Read More Goals of a New Mom


Sponsor in Februrary!

I can’t believe it’s almost February already. I’m very, very excited to have my first Valentine’s Day as a married woman; Mr. Owl will only tell me that I have to dress up for wherever it is he’s taking me, and aside from that he’s kept mum on his plans. I can’t wait to see… Read More Sponsor in Februrary!


Sponsor in September!

I can’t believe it’s almost September already! August has been a wonderful month for me, but the blog suffered a little due to my distraction (getting engaged does that to a woman) and lack of time to post. Have no fear, though! I will be getting back into regular posting as we slide into the… Read More Sponsor in September!