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Red, white, and nerdiness

I am really excited about today’s post, because for this post I wore my very first sponsor item: a lovely hand-printed scarf from my newest sponsor, Quotation Marks. I was very happy when she offered me a scarf with a quote of my choice in red print, because red is my favorite color… and it meant I could be very, very nerdy with a scarf.

As well, it was the perfect timing to receive a scarf! The first two days of summer here were wonderful and warm, but then the weather went back to its typical Washington-ness and we got lots of rain. So by the time I got this scarf, it was cool enough to wear it, and my neck was kept nice and warm.

Being the nerd that I am, I chose to have the One Ring poem printed on the scarf… in elvish. And it is awesome.

This is what the outfit looked like sans the scarf and coat, but I only looked like this for about five minutes. The sun didn’t stay out very long.

And yes, I am wearing my Arwen necklace. Nerdiness fully exposed.

If you would like your own lovely Quotation Marks scarf, you should jump for them! Right now when you use the code “0WLFRIENDS” (the “o” being a zero), you can get 15% off! And you, too, can display your nerdiness subtly with a pretty, soft scarf… or, y’know, choose some other boring quote like a verse from a song or something normal and non-elvish…

{C/O Quotation Marks} Scarf
{Thrifted} Skirt/dress: $5 | Shirt: $3.99 | Belt: $0.99 | Coat: $20
{Target} Flats: $12.98
{Gift} Necklace
{Total}  $42.96

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

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