Happy Holidays!

forest green Romy dress - black Target shoes - black Target tights

Happy late Thanksgiving!

I never know what to wear for family gatherings on holidays. See, while I am kind of conservative in my dress, I have a few insanely conservative relatives… who probably highly disapproved of this dress because it’s above the knee and shows some neck skin. 😉 Hehe. Oh well.

Everyone kept staring at my hair funny until they realized that I had peacock feathers as an adornment and the feather was not in fact my hair just crazily sticking out everywhere. Because you can’t actually tell that it’s peacock feathers from the front.

Ignore the silly poses. It is a bad camera angle for me and I was trying to make it a little less awful.

And I really don’t know what category of dress this falls into. Sometimes it takes me a few minutes to decide. I have no idea.
I guess eventually I’ll be able to figure it out.

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