Lazy Sunday

I’m going to rearrange Sundays a bit  to include music, and… just to be more relaxed. Sundays are the day when I unwind (unless I have to work), and I always feel like I’m preaching in my Sunday posts. So this post is going to be quite short,  because I’m rather tired and… don’t have much to say.

My favorite music of the week:

Sigur  Ros was introduced to me by my friend who is getting married. She wanted to walk down the aisle to one of their songs (can’t remember which one- it might have been this one). They have such beautiful music!

Favorite verse of the week:

1 Samuel 1:19a “Then they rose early in the morning and worshiped before the Lord…”

I like the idea of getting up early to take some quiet time aside from a crazy day to spend with my God. It puts me in such a better frame of mind for the rest of the day. It’s something I aspire to do every day.

I was going to give you a cat picture today, but my animal is hiding under the bed. She thinks she’s still in trouble for waking me up by knocking over my water glass and drenching my floor, movies, and books with water. (Nothing’s ruined, thankfully.) I tried to coax her out with a Cheeto, but she won’t come.

Have a lovely Sunday!



Very simple today. I went to a wedding shower. Everyone loved my shoes. (Goodwill. Where I get everything awesome.)