These are a few of my favorite things

There was a really lovely breeze yesterday, so I decided to haul some of my favorite wardrobe pieces and accessories outside to take some pictures and share with you a few of my favorite things.

Found at an antique store for $12. I’m afraid to wear it. It’s really delicate.

Found at Goodwill for like… $7. I never wear this, either. It’s good for photoshoots, though.

Given to me by my bride-friend for being in her wedding. Authentic 1940’s cocktail dress. I looove it. I have yet to wear it anywhere.

Goodwill. $15.

Local thrift store. $5… or maybe, maybe $6.

This was… seven or eight dollars? Goodwill… again.

Vintage aprons! All around $4 at an antique store. I’m working up the courage to wear them as accessories… it’s just… they’re so vintage and pretty and I know I will mess them up if I wear them around… anywhere.

Both from a local antique/vintage/thrift store. Both $5. I plan to buy a lot of vintage hats from there.

I luuurve mah owl. Target. $7.

This belonged to my grandma, on whose birthday I was born. I really want to get it restored. Even broken, it’s beautiful.

Maid of honor ring! I think it was around $3.50 at Icing

This was given to me by my other grandma. It’s by a brand at Target called @tract, who have so far produced my favorite pieces of jewelry.  (It’s a reversible pendant, in case you didn’t know. That’s just one necklace.)

Once again by @tract at Target. I can’t remember what it cost. But I rather like my lil hidden-lucky-charm-acorn necklace.

My cockeyed owl. @tract again. Can’t remember the cost. Somewhere around $8?

NOT @tract. 😀 I like my scarab beetle. I got him for three dollars at a store in the mall whose name I cannot remember. But I love that store. They have awesome paper-star lanterns.

I don’t remember where I got this. But I love it to death, and do not have enough occasions to wear it. Also, the camera doesn’t like to focus on shiny things, dang it.

A case of the camera not focusing and me not realizing it. Oh well. These are one-of-a-kind, hand-made locally, and they were given to me by my bride friend- the one who gave me the black dress- for being in her wedding. The same person that made these made her engagement ring. Which is gorgeous.

I wore these for aforementioned bride-friend’s wedding. They’re heavy. But I love them.

Is it just me, or is this not the coolest picture ever? It’s probably just me. Once again, these are of the brand @tract, from Target… for… I’m going to guess $5.  I wear them more than any other of my earrings except for these ones:

My beloved owlies. @tract again. I can’t remember how much.

Last but not least, my cat earrings. I really love them. They’re funky and fun and whimsical and humorous… and cats… so… y’know. They were a gift to me from my best friend, who didn’t want them and basically said “Take them, or I’m throwing them away.” So thoughtful of her. 😀

So the light faded before I could photograph my favorite shoes, and I couldn’t find my owl ring. I suppose that will all have to wait for another fashion post. 😉

I hope you like my favorite things as much as I do! Just… not enough to steal them…


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Yep. I wandered around the same tree for quite a while. Woods are confusing, you know. 😀

I had myself a little adventure in the woods. Ignore the dead faces. I was trying not to fall down. Leaves can sometimes cover holes in the ground, did you know that?