Power outages seriously mess with blog posting.

Yesterday I arrived home from work to find that our power had gone out. Which meant that I couldn’t do a blog post, but more importantly, I couldn’t work on Sweet Ireland Air like I had been wanting to. (I know, I could have written stuff by hand… well… and by candlelight.)

So instead of the normal song-and-verse Sunday post, today’s going to be yesterday’s fashion post.

I want to introduce you to some of my favorite fashion bloggers- whose style inspires me, whether it be just by their mix of colors or patterns, or that I really, really want to steal every single item of clothing they own.

First up is kind of the first fashion blogger I started to follow: Jessica, from What I Wore

I really love her sense of style. She always has beautiful outfits- especially the vintage dresses- and her upbeat attitude shines through her pictures. It’s just fun to see what she comes up with! Also, she has a book out. And I want it.

Next, and probably one of my all-time favorites, is Tieka at Selective Potential.

I just… want her closet. All of it.

Another of my absolute favorites is Annebeth from The Styling Dutchman.

I absolutely love her uses of color and florals and… yes. Another closet I would love to steal. Also, I want this outfit. Head to toe, absolutely perfect.

Next up, Violetheart (not sure about her real name) from Many Shades of Purple.

She’s got pretty florals and a great eye for mixing romantic pieces with tougher accessories.

And last (for today, anyway) but definitely not least, Ally at The Vintage Valley.

I was trying not to show favoritism, but she’s definitely my favorite. There is nothing I would change about any of her outfits. SO gorgeous.

That’s it for now! Click through to see my week in outfits and vote on your favorite!



Gosh, after that lineup, I feel so quirky and less-than-fashionable.

But that’s okay. I still like me.

That made me feel incredibly vain.

And, since I didn’t get to post yesterday, here’s yesterday’s outfit. Which I LOVED.

On to voting.


  • Bethly

    Actually, dearie, your outfit for today was my second favorite of all of these fashion bloggers! Followed close behind Jessica’s. It’s just… those boots and the poofy blouse and the way the skirt pleats! Oh my goodness! Talk about eye candy!

    But I love, love, love yours for today!! It’s so cheery and quirky and just… makes me happy to look at!! 😀

    I also am now following just about all of these charming fashionistas. 😉 And my fashion wish post is in the making stages.

    • Mara

      Awwww… 🙂 Yeah, I LOVE that outfit of Jessica’s. So much. The whole thing is beautiful. I think my most favorite overall is Ally. She’s consistently got beautiful, beautiful outfits. But I love all of them.

      Hehe, my outfit today was a little-old-man magnet. Seriously. Four out of the six people who complimented me were little old men.

      I can’t wait for your outfit post!!! 😀