Karina Resort: Vacation for the holidays

Happy Friday!

I have been eagerly waiting to share these photos for a few weeks now. It is always a pleasure to work with Karina Dresses, and when they approached me to ask if I would be interested in being part of promoting their new Resort line of prints, I very happily said yes! While Washington in the winter is nowhere near what one might think of when one thinks “Resort,” I think the prints in this collection are enough to cheer up any wintery drabness going on! I am here to prove that Karina Dresses absolutely work for any style and any weather.

If you have not seen my previous two posts on Karina Dresses, let me tell you a little more about them! Karina Dresses, coined “The Original Easy Dress”, are incredibly comfortable, versatile, and flattering dresses made and sourced entirely in the USA. That means the money you spend on a fabulous new dress for yourself goes to support the fair payment of Karina Dresses’ sewing team and create new jobs right here in the US. They are easily washable, impossible to wrinkle, and so comfortable that you will actually forget you’re not wearing pajamas. Except for the fact that you will look stylish as ever! And excitingly, they’ve just been named the perfect travel dress by Travel & Leisure Magazine. Perfect timing with their new line coming out!

I am wearing the Tara dress in Navy Tropical Palm. I really wanted to give this dress the sense of vacation and maybe spring,  but the day we shot these photos it was about 28 degrees and slightly windy, so practicality played a big part! I decided to pull colors from the dress itself to accessorize, and I love the way this whole outfit turned out!

This is the third Karina Dress I’ve gotten, and as with the others, I am absolutely in love with it! The more pregnant I get, the more valuable it is to me that a dress be super comfortable, easy to move in, and, of course, belly friendly. And this dress is all of those things!

 I hope you all have fun plans for the weekend! Mine are extremely exciting, because I have finally decided to publish a novella! It’s something I wrote nine years ago, and I am going to self-publish just to get something out there. I have started the process to get it up on Amazon (soon, you’ll be able to pre-order!) and I cannot WAIT to have a physical thing to show people and say “look, I did this!”

I still have plans to pursue traditional publishing as well, but I will save that for my full-length novels.

Happy weekend!

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