Flippin’ Hair…

… my mom says some funny things when she’s not thinking. See, yesterday I had blow-dried my hair– speaking of which, it’s been so long since I’ve combed out my hair, I forgot how straight and slick and soft it is– and I commented to my mom that “my hair is so flippy today!” and she– who is very conservative and considers saying “crap” to be swearing– responded “Flippin’ HAIR!”

And then promptly started laughing with embarrassment/amusement over what she’d just said.

I love my family. They’re entertaining.

I’m going to a baseball game tonight. I’m very excited. The company that my brother works for bought one of those VIP rooms that has… amazing things in it and amazing food and etc… and for us, it’s all free! So it should be really fun!

My shirt inspired me to be all about cats today. If only I had a cat ring, I’d be set!

I think today I was also inspired by Annebeth’s styling of a Beatles tee with a cute vintage skirt.  I love how she integrates modern pieces with retro ones. Seriously. That girl hast the best style!

And… vote!

I don’t have much to say today. I feel like I should go reply to all the lovely comments I got from yesterday’s outfit, but… I have no energy to do much by way of writing. I want to sit in the sunshine and play games and be lazy.

I think I might go back to my no-computer weekends, where I only write a blog post and do fun stuff on the weekends, and don’t reply to emails or comments or anything like that. Because… I… can… although that no-computer weekend rule started so that I would only work on my stories on the weekends.

But I think I will do that. Because I can. 😀

Have a beautiful Saturday!

Shirt, $8; Skirt/dress, $5; Shoes, $4; Jewelry, gift; Belt, $0.99
Approximate outfit cost: $18 


  • shreejacob

    I love that cat earring! It’s so cute and unique. How do you put it on? It’s like the head is on the lobe and then the body hangs from behind it?

    I voted for the colourful’s so pretty! 🙂

    • Mara

      The head has a post on the back, and then the body has the…other part that you slide on to keep the earring on. I don’t know what it’s called, actually… Hehe. Thank you!

  • Demy

    Heey!!! Your mum is so funny! 😀 I LOVE this look! The top with this skirt is so gorgeous! Yes, indeed, Annebeth did something like that the other day, I love her style and blog as well! 🙂 And omg so many cats! WOW! Your neckace is SO awesome, pure awesomeness! 😀 hahaha! It reminds me of Garfield!!! And yes, once again I did not know which outfit to choose! They are all so pretty… But I went for the floral dress at the end (have you posted this outfit here? It reminds me of nothing.. Maybe you just posted on Chictopia? 🙁 ) I love them all nevertheless! 😀 Have an awesome Sunday! 😀

    • Mara

      She is a source of daily amusement– that same day, she somehow implied that I was a stupid cat(without meaning to). I wish I could remember exactly what she said, because it was hilarious!

      I love Annebeth’s style so much! She’s always so pretty.

      That floral dress, I didn’t post here. I didn’t actually take outfit pictures (or get dressed beyond a very mismatched comfortable) until about five that evening, and I’d already blogged and was too lazy to edit them in. 😀