Flowers and stripes


Y’know. I like colors and patterns.

Shirt, $can’tremember; Dress, $39.99 (but was a gift.); Belt, $0.99; Shoes, $2.something (also a gift.); Earrings, $4; Flower, $snippedfromahat

Approximate Outfit Cost: $47.andthensome. 


  • Bethly

    Excellent advice!

    Now I just have to show you my recent Facebook status here…

    Bethany W
    Had three thoughts getting me through the craziness of today: my paycheck, [Mara’s] writing challenge update, and the possibility of Facebook messages. Well I got my paycheck…! *awkward cough* My friends have disappointed me.

    And I meant it teasingly, because you know I haven’t been actually *doing* the writing challenge, and I’m just always dying with curiosity to see the new pictures. But I thought you should know that your special Monday posts made Facebook status…well, status. 😛

    Your outfit today reminds me of a painting. 🙂 Like a pretty watercolor.

    • Mara

      Well, maybe just for you, I will keep searching and post it as its own separate post when I find a good picture. JUST for you. 😀
      I was actually do disappoin…ted… ugh. Things I should not do: watch TV and type at the same time.
      I was also disappointed that I didn’t find anything. I’ll keep looking!

      lol. I feel so honored. I’m a celebrity! Of… status… messages… 😀

  • Demy

    AMazing tips! You make it seem so easy 🙂 I still think it’s really difficult to write a story though, and well… writers are born, not made 😛 For example, YOU were born as a writer 😀

    So anyway, I so adore the outfit! What a great idea to turn this pretty dress into a skirt! You look amazing! 😀 Gorgeous earrings and hair as well 🙂 So chic and sophisticated 🙂

    • Mara

      It’s SO easy. (Not.) Hehe. Thank you– I tend to agree with you. Not out of vanity, but… out of having observed other wannabe writers and knowing the struggles that they face… that writers are born. But it’s that way with any profession or hobby– some people are just born to do that, and some people aren’t. 😉

      Thank you, my dear!

  • shreejacob

    Good advice. There is so much that goes into writing. It’s one thing to be a wallaby …I mean wannabe writer and a whole other thing to be one!! I don’t think I’d have the patience to be one!!

    • Mara

      Haha! A wallaby writer. 😀 It does take a lot of patience– funny enough, I’m not a very patient person in other aspects of my life, but with writing… I am. Mostly. 😀 I think it just depends on what your passion is.