Two miracles in one day.

Miracle one: I got dressed after all.

Miracle two: I’m wearing jeans. And I like them.

Crazy, huh?

Details: Cardigan($5), shirt($3.99), belt($0.99) and jeans($3.25) thrifted; Shoes($20) and necklace($8), Target; Headband($3), Fred Meyer.
Approximate outfit cost: $44.23

The last time I wore jeans, I wore this cardigan. AND this headband. And I was 10 pounds heavier.  I am much more comfortable in my skin now, and I like these jeans a lot better.  Possibly because I was looking at these pictures and thinking “oh, I look skinny!” (Don’t overreact. Skinny, to me, isn’t stick-thin. It’s just healthily curvaceous as opposed to overweight and pudgy. So there. ;))

I even did my makeup. I love this lipstick. I have been trying to come up with a “me” look, makeup wise, as I tend to just be all over the place. And I’ve always liked the idea of having more minimal eyes and bright lips, especially now that I have glasses and any eye-makeup I DO wear tends to get hidden…  so perhaps bright lips is for me. I don’t know.

I have to admit: I only wore the heels for the purpose of taking pictures, and am, in fact, not wearing snazzy shoes at all, but rather have these on my feet:

They’re adorable, aren’t they?

So that was enough strenuous activity for the day. It’s somewhat amusing when the simple act of taking a shower and getting dressed means you’ve used up all the energy you had. But then, this also gives me the excuse to be waited on. I don’t mind that so much. 😀

Other times I’ve worn pants (FYI, this is only the third time  I’ve worn jeans this year.):


  • someonetookmyusername

    You look great! Congrats! And I love the slippers. They are so adorable. I have Santa slippers that I like to wear, not just during Christmas season. But right now, it’s too hot.

    PS. I saw an owl ring the other day and I immediately thought of you. I didn’t buy it – owls aren’t really my thing – but if they had more cat accessories…I’d be all over that. Or dragons. Frogs are good too. 😉

    • Mara

      Thank you! That’s one reason I’m glad I live on the coast of Washington– there are always days that are cold enough for slippers, even in the summer. 😀

      I love owl jewelry. Of course, you knew that. 😀 Ooh, yes. Cat jewelry is so cute. And my first pair of pierced earrings– other than the ones they pierced my ears with– were frogs. I still have them. They’re cute.

  • Demy

    You got dressed! And you wore jeans! WOW! You rock them, you’re definitely skinny, you have a gorgeous and healthy body and these jeans are really flattering! Love them! 🙂 And I like how you styled them, the top and the cardigan are awesome! Love the heels too (although I’m more of a slippers person, too! How adorable are these babies? :)) Great necklace too!
    And about the make up, I think that bright lips indeed look amazing on you. You should put bright lipstick more often. Personally, (the feeeww times I do my make up), I love having minimal lips and more toned eyes, but that’s just because I hate the feel of anything like lipstick on my lips. Yes I know I’m weird, but I hate it when you want to drink something and there’s this lip-shaped thing on the glass. EEEEEWWWWWW 😛 Whatever 😀
    Bye bye 😛

    • Mara

      Hehe, thank you dear! I love how the most flattering jeans I’ve ever gotten (these ones) were a thrift-store find. 😉 Yes, and I love my slippers. They’re the first really “cute” slippers I’ve ever had.

      Yeah, I think for me… I’ve always been a lip person. I don’t know why. And especially now that I have glasses, I can’t do as much eye makeup as I used to, because it just tends to look heavy. So I think with the glasses, bright lips is a better look. Plus, my lips could use a little help, and lip color is the perfect boost.

      Haha! I do hate that lip-ring on glasses when you drink! But then, that just helps identify which cup is yours! Right? 😀

  • nan

    I was poking around you daily outfit posts & just wanted to say that I am SO jealous of your thrift stores! I’m a thrifter, but living in my hipster city has taken all the thriftiness out of thrift shopping–that is to say that you pay almost retail prices for non-vintage, wearable things. I don’t even look at the “vintage” things because I shop for affordability and wearability. In a city full of hipsters, thrift stores are the mainstream anti-establishment, and it’s really frustrating because most thrift stores here (especially Goodwill) take advantage of it.

    My other comment was:
    How do you get away with surviving the winter/fall seasons without wearing jeans?? I’m from the South, so I can get by wearing tights most of the time, but even in our mild winters, I still admit defeat and tug on a pair of jeans…

    Also, I read your later post about not having theme/color scheme. My apartment is this way because I decorated it with random free/cheap stuff I’ve collected from traveling, garage sales and lots of art projects. Needless to say, there is no theme. My rug is orange, my couch is green, my pillows are blue and yellow and my bed setup is red. I threw it together and called it eclectic. My point is, if you’re looking for a label, eclectic covers all things that match because they don’t.

    Also, I am absolutely jealous of your closet. I love color–but for whatever reason, I always buy blue or white clothes. Sometimes gray. It’s so bad, that I just haphazardly hang things up in my closet and it looks like I’ve color-coordinated it. I always tell myself I’ll shop for non-blue/white, but…I guess I’m too addicted to buying basics. I rely on my scarves for color. Which is silly, because I live down south, so scarves are useless and too high-maintenance. I live for winter 🙁

    • Mara

      Washington does have good thrift stores, and I live in an area that is poorer (I don’t live IN Seattle, but close), so the prices are quite good here. I can imagine how frustrating it would be to live somewhere where “thrift” just meant “already worn, but not cheaper.” That’s irritating!

      Winter without jeans… well, probably firstly because I’m used to the rain here, so even though I am one of those people who gets cold easier, I’m acclimated to the cooler weather. But yeah, I wore tights all the time, cardigans, sweaters, etc, and I usually had a warm coat that I didn’t include in outfit pictures. I’m also not outside a lot in the winter, which helps. And I’m stubborn, so I just wear what I want regardless of the weather. 😉

      That’s true– my room is the same way, but it is sort of cohesive. I’m not really looking for a label, I’m looking to make my style more… well, less where I feel like I’m not quite dressing in a way that is myself, but rather dressing like… someone else. And I think that once I figure out what I’m missing to make my style me, there will be a more cohesive theme– not that it has to be a certain style or label, but my style won’t be all over the place like it is now. 🙂

      Haha, I love color, too. (I guess that’s obvious.) My shopping rule is that I can’t buy something unless I absolutely love it, but that does result in my having a lot of clothes that don’t go together. Maybe you should try what one of my friends is trying– wear one thing a week that you normally wouldn’t go for to change up your style.

  • Sarah

    You are a babe. Ive said it before nd Ill say it again. WEAR JEANS MORE OFTEN you have a gorgeous figure!!!!!!! Love your real shoes too hahaha im like that. fake photo shoes. Although sometimes I do brave a heel and whinge about it later x