Details: Shirt($3.99) and skirt($3.99), thrifted; Shoes($12.98), Target. All other items, free.
Approximate outfit cost:  $20.96

I always feel a bit like a washerwoman when I wear scarves like this. And I mean, I do need to do my laundry, but thank goodness I don’t have to scrub it on a washboard in a cold stream, like this scarf makes me feel I should.

I’d be a very lazy washerwoman. I mean, I was too lazy to take more than ten full-body pictures today (which seems like a lot, to me, until I read of bloggers who take 100 a day to get their pictures just right), so instead you get one decent one, and one where my head’s gone all fuzzy.

But do you really need more?

As you might notice, I’m having problems with my skin today.

Well, it didn’t just happen today, it’s been over the last week or so… but I’d like to pretend it was only today and that it’ll only last for… today. And I’d like to blame the weather, but really it’s probably that my diet has been terrible (when I’m sick, I crave sweet food and potato chips) and I’ve been rather lax in washing my face at night.

I haven’t ever had clear skin, though, and if any of you beauties have skincare tips for me, or brand suggestions (that aren’t too expensive) that you swear get rid of blemishes, please let me know! Even when I’m rigid about washing my face and eating relatively well, I get breakouts.

Surprise! I’m engaged!

Okay, no. I’m  not. This ring just seemed to scream “wear me!” today.

And since I had a few things I wanted to say but they don’t relate to this post’s narrative particularly well, here’s a list:

  1. I changed my blog url today! Look up there ^! See? It’s now. I’m so proud. My blog is growing up. (If that’s what that means.) I remember back when it– excuse me, he— was just a baby and didn’t really have any direction at all. Ah, Toby. Don’t grow up too fast.
  2. The url change means that if you haven’t, you’ll have to re-follow me on bloglovin‘.
  3. Something I’ve wondered for a while, where comments are concerned:  bloggers, when you can… do you ever respond to comments, or do you prefer going to that person’s blog and returning a comment? And commenters, would you rather have a comment returned on your blog, or have your comment replied to? I tend to respond to comments, but I don’t ever expect bloggers to respond to my comments. And I’ve gotten enough followers now that it’s starting to take me longer than I have time for to respond to comments, but I don’t want to make commenters feel ignored because I’m suddenly not responding to their comments like I used to.
  4. I’m probably overthinking that last point.
  5. I’m well enough to go back to work! Yay!
  6. I’m hungry, and I’m going to go eat lunch.
Have a beautiful Thursday!


    • Mara

      Oh, thank you for the suggestions!

      Yeah, the only reason I don’t wash my face at night is that it’s a pain to put my hair up, and usually requires me to go to my room and grab a hair band/several hair clips and then BACK to the bathroom to cleanse. Sometimes I’m too lazy to make a second trip. 🙂 But my skin has been so bad lately I really need to buckle down and wash my face even if I’m really tired. I used to be so good about it!

  • design98

    I have used Cetaphil cleanser(name & store brand) for years. It is under ten dollars and dermatologist recommended. I have learned the hard way about beauty regimen betrayal. I have extremely sensitive skin and although I don’t get pimples from foreign products, I do get red circles(think measles) from everything from shampoo to sunscreen. I’ve been known to get caught up in the makeup moment and purchase $$ cleansers from top cosmetic lines claiming “for sensitive skin” resulting in the measles effect. Cetaphil cleanses, removes eye makeup, and is not harsh. I find what works best for my over forty skin in the area of moisturizers is either Oil of Olay sensitive skin cream moisturizer ($5.00) or Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion( around $22.00). Sleeping with your makeup on is the quickest way in the world to guarantee a breakout. Ah, the dilemma we must endure for being beautiful is hard work 🙂

    Glad to read you are feeling better and work is on the agenda. I noticed your turquoise ring. I love turquoise! I’m having a giveaway on my website that is chock- a- block full of turquoise goodies including a little something Coach thrown in for fun. When we went to Dallas with our son to see Josh Groban in May I was watching “Good Morning Dallas” and the guest designer was Vern Yip. He made reference to the color of summer being turquoise and it gave me the idea for my giveaway. Fun color to fashion and home decor accessorize with.


    • Mara

      I have used Cetaphil before, and I remember not liking something about it. I can’t remember what, though– it may have either been a little too strong of a cleanser for me (leaving my face squeaky, which I hate), or it was a little too creamy.
      Ah, yes. I know there are two definite reasons for the worsened breakout– diet and not cleansing my face– but I’d like to get to absolutely clear skin. I’ve never had that before.

      Thank you! My turquoise ring belonged to my mother, and since it no longer fits her (it was hers in seventh grade), I borrowed it. Without the intention of returning it. 😀 I wear it every day.

      Oh, fun! I’ll have to check that out. 😀 When we have our own house, I’d love to paint my bedroom walls turquoise. It’s a beautiful color.

  • Elana

    As soon as I opened up my WordPress subscriptions today, I thought something was different. Then I saw your blog icon is gone. Weird how things like that can catch my eye! 😉
    Personally I prefer to reply to comments in the same place. If I do that, I might just remember to actually reply to the one comment a month that I get! 😛
    I’m glad you’re feeling better!
    Actually, I should shut up now, stop reading blogs and start my daily writing! Bye! 😀

    • Mara

      Oh, even I didn’t notice that! It is funny how little random things catch your attention! I’ll have to reset my icon. 😀

      Haha, I love to reply to comments where I get them, but I’ve noticed that a lot of fashion bloggers don’t respond to comments at all unless there’s a question involved. Then again, most of the fashion bloggers I follow are incredibly popular and get upwards of thirty comments per post. Which I definitely understand not responding to!

      Happy writing!

  • Hannah

    I keep meaning to try and wear my hair with a scarf like that but I still haven’t got round to it! I have problems with my skin too, although on my chin rather than my cheeks. I’ve just started using apple cider vinegar as a toner, which I’d read about on another blog. The first time I did it I got a couple of spots the next day and panicked and then stopped but I decided to give it a second chance and this time it seems to be working a bit better for me. I have noticed that it’s fading my red marks more quickly than usual and I’ve only had a couple of tiny spots in that area since I started doing it again. If you google it there’ll be loads of information!

    • Mara

      Vinegar might be a little harsh for my skin– it tends to be dry/sensitive– but I might have to try that! Contrary to how it looks, with my breakouts, I don’t have oily skin. So all the information I read for dealing with breakouts don’t work for me, because they involve oily skin and really drying routines.
      I’m going to try the apple cider vinegar anyway. Anything to see if I can’t get rid of these darn breakouts! 🙂

  • The Creative Student

    I like how that skirt turned out, although I, personally, would add a belt to the outfit. I really like those waist belts have been popular recently. A brown one might go nice over the elastic top of the skirt. I do like the outfit, though, its nice even without a belt. I’m a moderately new subscriber, but I’ve been enjoying reading/seeing you outfit choices, pretty much all of which I would wear myself. I’m still setting up my blog, but maybe in a few months or some time, would you be interested in a guest post about how to shop for clothes and/or makeup on a small budget, or something? While my blog is more centred towards craft and cooking, its very much about making use of what you’ve got as a poor university student, so I think something like this from you might be cool, and useful to my readers once I have some.

    I’m also curious about the comment question you asked, and can see the positive in both types of responses. If you come to a conclusion, please mention it in a post. Also, I have a question as well- if you reply to a comment on your own site, is the commenter automatically notified of this? It is also considered curtesy in some blogging circles (such as SITS) to comment on your commentor’s blogs, but that can be very hard and time consumeing once you have a lot of commentors, or when other time comitments get out of hand.

    I’m also in the process of moving all my blog subscriptions from email to my RSS reader. Unfortunatly, I can’t add your blog to the reader because it does not seem like you have an RSS feed. Would it be possible for you to set one up, if it isn’t too complicated (I think wordpress has a simple wigit for it)? It would make it much easier to read your blog posts.

    • Mara

      I generally belt my skirts as well, but the waist of this one is a bit bulky, since it’s elastic, and belting it tends to make it look really thick. I agree, though, I’d love it with a belt if it wasn’t so bulky around the waist!

      I would definitely be interested! A few people have been asking me to write a post on how I find so much at thrift stores, so that would be a great incentive to actually write the post. 🙂 (The wheels are turning already.) Just let me know when you’re ready, and I’d love to guest post. 😀

      Oh, sure thing! I’m pretty sure there’s an RSS widget, and I will put it up… right now, actually. 😀 I did it in the middle of answering your comment.

      Yeah, I’ve noticed that a lot of fashion bloggers don’t respond to any comments they get on their own blog, but instead either go and comment on the commenter’s blog, or… don’t do anything. The latter is weird to me if the fashion blogger has less than 20 comments per post, because I like to somehow at least acknowledge that I read the comment. But I suppose it’s to each her own where returning comments is concerned. If I get any feedback about it, I’ll mention it in a post.:)

      • Stephanie

        Sorry for not replying to this earlier, I actually forgot which posts I commented on, and couldn’t find them. I only just noticed that it tells me on the main screen after I log in. I don’t know how I missed that. I’m happy for you to do the post soon, if you would like, however it would be really good for me if I could post it in October, because I have a lot of exams and assignments and won’t be able to write many posts myself. How does that sound? By the way, my email is if you would prefer to use that.

        • Mara

          That’s okay! I figured you were probably busy. And I always forget to go check posts I’ve commented on (and I always forget to subscribe to comment replies…) so I understand. 😀
          October sounds lovely! I’m really excited to do this. (I may or may not have at least half of the post already written in my head. 😉 )

  • Demy

    Oh I really really love this outfit! I hadn’t seen this top for a while and I had started worrying lol! It’s seriously one of my favorite tops ever! The color is so gorgeous and it seems to look good with everything you pair it with! Then again, you have amazing style sense so I could use that too 😀 I don’t think the scarf makes you look like a washerwoman, it’s actually really cute on you! However I have to agree that doing the laundry is so boring! Thank God my mum still does it for me. I guess I’ll have to get used to it, though, since I’ll be moving in two years to study and I’ll have to do everything on my own :(. Oh well. How did you tie it? Just wrap it over your head and make a knot? I have tried it on me too, but seems like I’m doing something wrong. Or my hea is too weird..
    I know what you mean about the irritated skin. Lately I have many pimples and this is really weird, because even though my sking is really sensitive, I never had acne 🙁 I got a few natural products and I think they’re working. But being super sensitive is so annoying, isn’t it? Today I had many red circles on my face, because I was swimming and there was too much salt! Such a bummer.
    OMG, this ring does have a story! It’s kinda sad, isn’t it? I mean, imagine the pain of this person. Poor man! It reminds me of ‘Valentine’s Day’ with Ashton Cutcher lol!
    And as for the comments, I guess it depends on the free time you have. I mean, back when I was still in Chictopia, I always felt the need to respond to other people’s comments because I don’t know, I think it shows that 1) you read them and 2) you appreciate them. But that’s just me, right? And after all, I left Chictopia because of lack of free time. So I think that you should do whatever you feel like doing. It’s not always easy to respond to so many comments, especially when you have a work as well.
    Aaaaanyway, this post was awesome! 😀

    • Mara

      I know, I love this shirt, too! It’s the best color ever!
      I should do a headscarf tutorial– the ways to tie a headscarf– although right now I can only think of three. But this one, I wrapped twice around my head– starting with the middle of the scarf at the nape of my neck, pulling up, wrapping around, and tying it back at the nape of my neck (I don’t even know if that makes sense!) and it stayed quite a long time.
      Being super sensitive is really annoying! Ah, skin. I’d love to go to a dermatologist and know exactly what’s up with my face these days. 😀
      I feel the same way! I love responding to comments first of all to show that I read them and secondly because… I like talking… and third also because it just seems more polite, you know? Even if all I say is thanks. If I continue to get more readers, I’ll have to pick and choose who I respond to and how. But I think I’ll probably continue to respond as long as I c an!

  • wittybizgal

    I haven’t read any of the other suggestions yet but it could possibly be your makeup (the foundation and/or powder). That’s typically the cause, unless it is being a very young age. I had skin issues when I was young (I’ll be 46 in about a month) but once I got into my 20’s, my skin was my best feature (people have said so anyway). Here’s my advice–don’t use ANYTHING with mineral oil in it at all. This would include your makeups, your cleansers, moisturizers, etc. At the same time don’t dry your skin out either with anything harsh. Try Dove Fragrance Free Bar Soap (super cheap and the best thing I’ve ever found to wash with). Witch Hazel makes an excellent astringent…and if you have to have a moisturizer, definitely use an oil free one. Garnier makes a fabulous gel one that is wonderful–I use it myself. For spot treatment on blemishes, salycylic acid ones are best. Here again, try the fragrance free ones, if you can find them. Or at least ones that are not overly perfumey. On makeup, I swear by Bare Minerals. It’s not clogging. Now, if you’re allergic to Bismuth, it’ll make you break out in an allergic way. Otherwise, the stuff that people say about it clogging your pores simply isn’t true. Other mineral makeups really aren’t the same so don’t even try them. Avoid Cover Girl like the plague though…worst foundation ever created! On your diet, don’t worry so much about any junk you might be eating, but there may be something that you could be eating to help the condition, proactively. For tips on diet, try checking Dr. Mehemet Oz’s website. He always has lots of sensible, fact based dietary advice for things like that.

    I hope I’ve offered something that will be helpful! I’ve been there and it’s no fun. 🙁 But, it can be fixed, you just have to find the right combo of tricks and treatments that will work for you, based upon the cause of the problem.

    • wittybizgal

      P.S. The Bare Minerals makeup may seem expensive if you’re used to drugstore prices. However, it literally lasts forever, i.e., every foundation I’ve ever bought has lasted a year. It’s $25, so if you can fork that over one time, plus the special brushes you need, it’ll end up saving money in the long run. Sephora sells a starter kit that has everything you need, including the special brushes…it’s $49 but worth it:

    • Mara

      I know it’s not my foundation– I’ve been using this foundation long enough to have used up one bottle and buy a second one, and my skin only recently worsened. And I have been using sensitive skin cleanser– Aveeno– which is fragrance free and I’ve just run out of that, so I’m pretty sure it’s not that either. I’m guessing that it’s probably a combination of not washing my face, lack of sleep (which definitely affects my skin!), and the sugar that has been put back into my diet. I definitely see a difference in my skin based on what I eat, and the skin problems worsened once I started eating sugar again.

      I’ve heard about Bare Minerals makeup, and I want to try it one day! I have a friend who uses it, and it covers her skin nicely. 🙂

  • Avra-Sha Faohla

    Hey, I remember that ring story! You told it in your ring post! Yes, I forgive you. 😀

    To me it’s more important to respond to comments than return them. Returning them is a kind and considerate gesture, but responding to them is common decency. I think, after receiving a comment, the blogger should first respond to it, and then check out the commentor’s blog. If she likes what she finds, she should of course go ahead and comment, but if nothing interests her, she should feel no obligation to leave an empty comment. (I have the same philosophy on FP when it comes to review replying and returning reviews.)

    What I said about responding—that applies to the first comment. After it turns into a conversation, there’s no need to reply once you have nothing else to say. After all, if both people kept replying, it would never end.

    • Mara

      Oh, I remember that! Ah well. Newer readers won’t have seen that post. 😀

      I agree. I don’t usually comment on blogs unless I really sincerely like the post, but I always try to respond to comments unless it’s been weeks and weeks since I got the comment. And then I sort of decide that it’s been too long and there are newer comments I would rather reply to. 😀

      • Avra-Sha Faohla

        Unless the newer readers go back to the beginning and read all your posts. I did that when I was new to your blog. (Then again, there’s another year’s worth of posts since then, and, unlike the previous posts, these ones are pretty much daily. So it’s probably not so likely now that someone would read everything.)