When life is interrupted.

You have probably noticed by now that when I plan things, they usually don’t happen quite on schedule. Like the writing challenge blog that is supposed to be updated every Monday… but I have yet to update once. Or the camping trip recap that never really happened.

Or today’s tutorial that isn’t actually here. Yet. I tend to do all of my blogging in the morning hours, and I didn’t think about the fact that I have to leave for work in… 57 minutes… which isn’t enough time to get a tutorial done. (Or… well, it’s not really a tutorial, more of an ideas post, with a few little how-tos involved.) I do plan to get that post done today, though, and post it tonight. Hooray for double-posting days!

This is what I wore on Monday to work, although for most of the day I didn’t wear the cardigan (too warm). I really love this dress. I bought it a few days ago at Goodwill, along with a few other things, and it’s SO comfortable. Plus, it’s yellow. And I love yellow. So there we go.

And once again, I had some sort of aversion to looking directly at the camera.

Well, actually, I did look at the camera a few times, but I was moving when it snapped the picture, so they turned out to be weird pictures where my body is absolutely still but my face is all motion-fuzzy. I find those ones creepy.
 I really liked my hair yesterday. It turned out quite well, I think. I need to do more with my hair these days, but I get lazy.

I have to say, Arathi really does give the best gifts. I’ve worn this necklace nearly every day since she sent it to me– so much so that the edges of the bird are going a bit bronze– and it goes with everything. I love it. To death.

I realized that I haven’t worn these shoes in ages. Actually, I’ve lately been grabbing my black moccasin-ish flats and calling it good, because they were the most comfortable at work… but I’ve worn them so much that they’re starting to fall apart, they’re full of sand from camping, and they smell a bit odd. (I’m sure you so needed to know that last bit.) So it’s time to change up the shoes again!

I also discovered that my other flats work just fine at work, I just can’t wear my boots or my leopard-print flats, which have the slightest bit of a heel, or my back starts to kill me.

Well, loves, I’m off to work!

I hope you all have a beautiful Tuesday!

Details: Cardigan ($8), Target; Dress ($5), thrifted; necklace, gift; shoes, too old to remember.


  • Bethie

    Super like this post!!

    That outfit looks head-to-toe something I would wear! I always love your outfits, but this one is like a representation of my own favourite wardrobe pieces. In fact, I’m currently sitting on top of an orange and white striped cardigan in the almost exact same cut as the one you have featured. I should probably stop sitting on it… but yes! I adore yellow! And I have a sundress in yellow I don’t get to wear much, and I have a thing for birds, being that Ladybird is my grandpa-given nickname…

    So much to love about this post. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. It totally made me happy. 😀

    • Mara

      I could definitely see you in this! And I love that your grandpa-given nickname is Ladybird, that’s SO cute! (we could be twins, with the yellow dresses and stripey cardigans…)

      Welcome! It makes me happy that it made you happy. Hehe.

  • midnitechef

    Love the dress, very summery 🙂 I would wear a dress (or skirt) more often if I had the time to shave my legs without kids trying to jumpin the tub or eat the shaving cream…

    • Mara

      Hah! Yeah. For those days when I don’t want to shave (which is a lot, lately…) I just wear tights. At least, when it’s not too hot to wear them.

  • Demy

    Hi! I so can relate. Life can be too hectic at times. These days I’m kind of busy too. Doing nothing lol! Seriously, though, the next nine months gonna be too busy for me since it’s my final school year, so I want to enjoy the last free days at the fullest. That said, I want to apologise if I’m not that good at commenting 🙂
    Anyway, this outfit has to be one of my faves! It’s soooooooo perfect! Love the dress, yellow is your color I think. You shine! And even if the temperature didn’t allow the cardigan, it still looks gorgeous 🙂 Oh and these flats are the cutest! I don’t recall seeing them before. You should wear them more often!
    I’m looking forward to this tutorial thing! I hope you’ll manage to post it! Kisses!

    • Mara

      It’s so weird when you feel like you’ve been busy, but not really doing anything! I hope you enjoy your last free days!
      Thank you, dear! I liked this one a lot. It’s so comfortable. <3

    • Mara

      Hehe, I just haven’t had a chance to wear them yet! Well… rather… I haven’t had a chance to photograph me wearing them yet. <3 I LOVE them. You do give the best gifts. <3