Dot dot dot…

I am very, very ready for fall to start. We’re having a late summer here, and I’m so done with the warm weather! I want to wear tights and sweaters and know that it won’t be too hot at work. This got just a tad bit too warm for comfort towards the end of the day. I can’t wait for fall and winter to set in!

While I was taking these pictures, I accidentally knocked over my brother’s worktable. *ahem* Innocent face employed!

One of my friends says I look like Alice in this outfit. Because of the bow.

And that’s okay. I like looking like Alice. 😀

I also feel very, very, VERY girly today. I’ve never cared one way or the other for pink, but in this it makes me look like a pink fanatic. Ah well. I’m a girl. I can be pink if I want to. At least nobody will ever, ever mistake me for a boy. Right?

And if they did, I’d impale them with my high-heeled shoes.

(What? I’m not violent.)

The bow actually is a scarf that came with a vintage dress I bought for $2. I haven’t worn the dress yet, so when I grabbed the scarf to wear today I was surprised to find that it’s stretchy, and works MUCH better as a hairbow.

By the way, I was in danger of wearing entirely polkadotted things today. Tights, skirt, shirt, cardigan… the only thing I don’t have with polkadots on it is shoes. I’ll be looking for some.

Not that I’m addicted or anything…

I’m off to the gym!

Details: Sweater($2), skirt ($12.97), belt ($0.99), and ring ($1.50), thrifted; tights ($5), and shoes (too old to remember), Target. Approximate outfit cost: $22.46