New year, new adventures… and also, pants.

So, it’s 2012. And I am wearing pants.

Yep. It’s going to be a wild year. 😉

But really, pants are just more practical for the adventures I’m going to have today (exploring old graveyards and parks), and I did want to post something different from the normal for my first post of the new year.

 Did you all have a good New Years Eve? I did. Well, I’ll be honest: it was a little bit emotional (I was very tired), but it was probably the best New Years Eve I’ve had in a while. My family stayed home and played games, and it was relaxing and just… nice.

Did you all make new years resolutions? I thought about making the resolution to write every day, but it’s already the third day of the year and I haven’t written a thing. So that thought is down the drain. I do plan to blog more regularly, though, because I  miss all of you and I really want to keep up the blogging. I think this year, my blog will start to be more about life and adventures, and not always about fashion.

I mean, I will still do outfit posts, but I am going to try to do more things (I really don’t know much about the area I live in, even though I grew up around here) and have more adventures and just… live a little more.

 I have also decided, because of this hat and these pants, that I need to wear red more often. Which means I need to buy more red, because I think other than these two items and some red tights, the only other piece of red clothing I own is a dress that I don’t really like.

 So, new year’s resolution: buy more red clothes.

It’s funny how red is my favorite color, yet I own very little that is red.

I would have more pictures, but I still haven’t gotten back into the rhythm of my camera, so most of my pictures were blurry… and also, I pose weird when I wear pants. I’m still a little self-conscious about wearing them, mostly because I don’t quite know how to style pants. They’re hard for me.

I do want more colorful pants, though. Jeans are boring now.

I hope you are all having a wonderful 2012 so far!

P.S. Mom is still making and selling these hats, if you’d like one. I’m going to work on making her a little website with the different styles she’s made and contact info, but if you’d like to ask about the hats or order one, you can email her at The hats are $12, plus shipping/handling (so about $15 total) and you can choose whatever color or embellishment you want.

She also makes them for boys. Without the flower.


  • Avra-Sha Faohla

    “I thought about making the resolution to write every day, but it’s already the third day of the year and I haven’t written a thing.” Hey, it doesn’t have to be New Year’s to make a resolution. Oh, wait . . . you already made this resolution on November 25! You even got yourself a little widget that’s still on Toby’s right sidebar. Whatever happened to that?

    • Mara

      The resolution died and went to writing heaven. 😀 Yeah, things just sort of started happening and I started forgetting I was going to write every day… and some days I didn’t even have time because I was gone all day. So my resolution is to write *more* this year, but not every day.

  • Demy

    Hiii!!!! I wish 2012 will be just perfect for you! And come on screw resolutions, just live! THAT is my resolution for 2012, because it’s the last year of school, the first year of ‘real’ life. So…yeah, let’s 2012 be all about life to its fullest and let’s hope that the world won’t disappear next December 😛
    Now as for the outfit, I have two things to say: 1) you should wear pants more often, 2) you should indeed buy more red things!
    I say yes to the not-so-fashion-related and more lifestyle-related blog. I want to learn more about you and your life 🙂 It’s just more interesting!
    New Year’s Eve for me was just as yours, but I think I’d prefered to be with the rest of my friends who went out, but my parents are kind of strict. Aaaanyway… Hm…wasn’t there something else you wanted to tell us? Or do I remember wrong?
    I hope we’ll see you sooner! Byyyee!! 🙂

  • Bethie

    I’ve missed you around these parts, Mara-darling!! *virtual hugs*

    Ah! The hat reminds me I was going to post pictures of me wearing the ones I bought! Oh boy… I have to go look through the folders and see where they went. 😛 Or just take new ones…

    I had a similar New Year’s. Very emotional, but more or less laid back and relaxed. 🙂

  • Asia Morela

    I wish you a wonderful New Year!! Life and adventures sounds really exciting. 🙂

    I gave my sister your mom’s crocheted hat as a Christmas present, and she really liked it! She left us on New Year’s Eve so it was just my parents and me: very quiet (I was also tired so we didn’t even go out and look for fireworks).

  • midnitechef

    I have a style question for you! I have this wool cream colored dress and I wore it New Year’s eve not noticing little holes near my belly. I was thinking a belt or something could cover it up so I can keep the dress. Any ideas???

  • Jamie Rose

    I love the color red, so I’m really enjoying your hat and pants. The red pants look great on you! The plaid top and blue cardigan look so nice with them.