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How to style maternity for winter

how to style maternity for winter How to style maternity for winter

This adorable Amazon retro maternity dress was an immediate buy. I almost always reach for more bodycon styles once I get to about halfway through my pregnancy, and with its bell sleeves, plaid, and longer length it’s a great modern alternative to actual vintage maternity wear. True vintage maternity is often tent-like, and that’s not a look I love. But then there’s the conundrum: how to style maternity for winter?

Over the past week and in this coming week I am working on a video of both true vintage and modern-to-vintage winter maternity outfits because I remember past pregnancies feeling a bit lost in trying to dress vintage, feeling uncomfortable in fuller skirts, not liking jeans, and not finding as many retro alternatives as there are now.

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1930's celluloid leaf necklace Though I hope to make do with what I have this pregnancy, I did need one good bodycon dress. And as soon as I saw this, I was sold! With its bell sleeves, plaid pattern, and ruched sides, it’s the perfect mix of could-be-retro with modern. It’s funny how much my taste in shapes changes right around the middle of pregnancy! Usually I love a full skirt, but I start to want to look pregnant and not just wide. So form-fitting shapes it is!

I hope to share some good ideas for how to style maternity in the winter. It seems like many maternity dresses are made for warmer weather. But Amazon has some really cute options right now! From this plaid bell sleeved dress, to this long sleeved wrap dress with a vaguely 40’s neckline to this cute floral dress that has a bit of a 50’s feel, dressing vintage or retro while pregnant is getting easier. And for winter, one of my favorite ways to warm an outfit up is simple: tights!
how to style maternity for winter

Styling maternity for winter isn’t as intimidating as it seems at first.

Much like I do with any other winterizing, pregnant or not, adding a good pair of tights and some boots immediately warms up an outfit! Top it off with a cute hat and a warm coat, and you’re set. As one last measure, wearing a good vintage slip beneath adds a surprising amount of winter-proofing. I prefer to thrift my slips as it’s easier to find thicker vintage slips, but any little layer helps.

I’ll talk about all of my tricks on how I style maternity for winter in Thursday’s upcoming video. Be sure to check back for that! Or, subscribe to my YouTube channel as it’ll be up there first (of course!)
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