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I was recently contacted by a website called “Style Says,” which is quite the fun website if you’re a fan of sites like Pinterest, and I was asked to become a featured stylist. I can now upload my outfit pictures to this website, choose similar items (which will unfortunately be more expensive than what I paid for mine, but still similar) to my outfit, and publish that so that you, my lovely followers, can peruse clothes that are alike to the ones I’m not selling.

Click here to see my very first featured style! I’m pretty excited about this. It’s just fun, and I’ve always wanted a way to compare my outfits to items you can buy. So there you have it. 😉 I’ll be trying to choose low-budget items when I match up my outfits to the similar items, so that if you do want to purchase something like hwa tI’m wearing, it won’t break your wallet.

My first style, however, I didn’t pay much attention to the pricing. I just needed to figure out how it worked.

So go check it out! It’s fun! Request an invite. Make your own little style wall.

Happy Wednesday!