Friday Links

Bonus Post:

  • Later today, I am guest posting over at 14 Shades of Grey while she moves. Be sure to pop over there in a little while to check it out!
Weekend Art:
Weekend Pretties:
  • I just recently found Jess of Animated Cardigan. Not only does she have an adorable sense of style, she’s also got a great sense of humor.
  • Keiko Lynn. Seriously. I need that blue dress. And hair that long. *sigh*
  • I love Jaime Rose’s skirt! She looks absolutely adorable!
Weekend Wishlist:
  • This skirt from Forever 21. Oh, I love polka dots.
  • This ginger dress from Romwe would be so perfect for summer! And now that the weekend promises to be around 80 degrees, I think it’s time for some warm-weather clothes.
Weekend Adorableness:
Weekend Giggle:
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!




    • Mara

      Me, too! It’s supposed to be super warm today and tomorrow, and I’m determined to wear short sleeves and sandals. 

  • Demy

    Such an awesome post! Well…of course, I always love these posts <3
    All these videos with animals are soooo cuuute and especially the one with the dog. Oh my God, I teared up as well, it's so amazing that animals sometimes are better than people. Actually, they're always better than people and they give you everything without waiting from you to give something back. This is priceless. Anyway, I'm gonna check out your guest post later when it's up, and I'm sure it will be great! Also, Rock Paper dilemma solved YEAH! 😀

    • Mara

      I know you do, hehe! Finding all the links is really fun. 😀 
      I always tear up when I watch the videos of dogs welcoming home their soldiers! It’s so touching and beautiful. Dogs are the sweetest animals! 

  • Jess

    Aw aw Mara I just saw this (I’ve been so sick) and thank you for the sweet comment! I think you’re pretty adorable too 🙂