The nineties called…

I saw this dress at Sarah With a Bow‘s etsy shop, Bridgetown Vintage, and I had to have it. I plan to shorten it to just below the knee, partly because that’s more my style– I want to be able to remix it in the fall and winter with tights (I cannot wait!)– and partly because, as I predicted before I even tried it on, I knew Mr. Owl would not be fond of the length.

Unexpectedly, though, he didn’t give me his usual “What do you think it is, 1850?” line. I was disappointed. I like that line. It makes me laugh every time. Instead, though, he looked at me, framed me into a picture with his hands (yeah, he does that), and said “… nineties, maybe…?”

And then later, he threatened to attack me with scissors and cut it off at the knee.

The reason I love this dress so much is the back. The back kills me! The back is so perfect I can’t even find words. I’ve been looking for dresses with cutout backs for a while at the thrift store, but right now it’s summer and Goodwill has brought out their collection of strappy, bikini-for-a-top, cheap summer dresses and I can’t find anything good. (If you’re looking to thrift, go in the fall and winter. I swear, all the best stuff is brought out in the fall and winter!)

So, as I said, when I saw this dress in Sarah’s etsy shop, I about died.

Seriously, is this  not the most awesome back ever? Ah, I spent most of the day looking at my backside, which almost never happens.

… that sounded really weird.

Moving on!

I have to admit that it feels a little weird blogging with my real name. Using “Mara” became such a habit (I mean, I used it for 8 years!) that I got to the point where it didn’t even phase me, and if someone in real life had called me Mara, I probably would have answered. But on the other hand, I feel a little bit more free. I feel less like I have a made-up name and thus have to only write things that befit that name, in a writing voice that was probably a little more sedate and less kooky than the real me.

Again, not that anything I’ve ever written on this blog hasn’t been me, it’s just that you all usually only saw the maybe more elegant, slightly less odd side of me.

I already feel like I’ve been writing with a different tone. And it feels good!

I know, I wore these shoes yesterday. But when I got this dress on Monday, I already knew what shoes and belt I wanted to wear it with, and it so happened that since they were already out, I decided they went with yesterday’s outfit too, so… what can a girl do? Remixing at its laziest.

I wanted to talk a little about the earrings in yesterday’s post, by the way: Mess of a Dreamer Design was kind enough to send me those earrings. She designed them inspired by me, and named them after me! How sweet is that? I was so excited to get them. They’re adorable, and the little owls are so perfect! I have the feeling I will probably wear them so much my other earrings will get jealous.

{Thrifted} Belt: $0.99 |  Shoes: $12.99
{Bridgetown Vintage} Dress: $14
{Forever 21} Ring: $3.80
{Gift} Earrings
{Total} $31.78

I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far! Happy Wednesday!

(new signature, so weird!)

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