Sunflowers are my friends

As you all probably know by now, flowers make me happy. So I forced Mr. Owl to walk into our possibly snake-infested garden and wade through the waist-high weeds just to get these pictures, because sunflowers are some of the happiest flowers ever.
I may or may not have laughed at him for being fearful of the garden-snakes. Mostly because I am mean, and also because I know they’re not lethal.

But then, later, I proceeded to get entirely freaked out by the plethora of spiders crawling everywhere, and that’s when I decided it was okay to leave the garden. Snakes are not scary. Spiders are. Also, boys are not allowed to give in to their fears. Girls are.

Rule of the universe. Or my world, anyway.

Behind the scenes: this is me, waiting for Mr. Owl to get his focus and settings right so that I can shake the weed in my hand and produce this picture:

Of course, I usually don’t behave/get distracted by floaty things/turn into a statue when we’re doing these pictures, so we get a lot of bad ones.

But, y’know. For the most part, I try to behave.

And, since we were in the garden, I had to test the tomatoes.They were delicious.

I can’t believe how fall-ish the weather is getting! There are golden leaves all over my yard now, and the mornings are so nippy it’s hard to get dressed because usually it warms up by the afternoon. But I love it! I can’t wait until it’s full-on fall and I can finally wear tights again. I’ve started to miss tights.

{Thrifted} Skirt: $2.99 | Shoes: $7.99 | Belt: $0.99
{JC Penney} Shirt: $8

How about you? Do you love the fall weather, or do you still want summer? Or is it even turning fall where you are?

I hope you all have a beautiful Tuesday!


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  • Kelly

    I love fall! I love how the weather is getting crisper in the mornings. I actually went to a field of sunflowers with two of my photographer friends!

  • Homebecomesher

    I love this photo shoot, so soft, warm and pretty! Absolutely love the blue yellow and nice complement with the red tomatoes 🙂 I hope the wedding plans are going well! Look forward to seeing more details!

    • Eccentric Owl

      I wish I could always have this sort of light in my pictures. It’s so magical! But so hard to catch! Thank you. 🙂
      Wedding plans are moving along little by little! hopefully soon I’ll have some diy details to show you all!

  • Jamie Rose

    I’m so excited for fall to get here! I would wear tights all the time if I could. They’re one of my favorite accessories ever. It just stays hot here for way too long.
    Anyway, I love your pretty blue and yellow outfit. That picture of you shaking the weed is gorgeous!

  • annebeth

    duuuude your pictures are SO incredibly stunning! your guy knows a thing or two about photography. I love sunflowers as well, such an honest and happy flower 😀 also, boys can give into their fears as well! 😀 fears are healthy!

    • Eccentric Owl

      He does, indeed! He’s usually the one who ends up making me stand for a few more minutes to get the absolute perfect shot when I’m just like “Oh, it’s good enough…”
      Hopefully people get it was a joke! I always forget that my thoughts/tone of voice don’t come out over text; I only tease that he can’t be afraid of things. He’s WAY braver than I am!

      • annebeth

        I know I know, I’m just being my annoyingly politically correct equal rights feminist self 😀 I always think that even jokes about super stark lines between the sexes can be destructive.

        • Eccentric Owl

          Hehe, I figured. And actually in real life I rarely tease him about his fears and etc. I agree that those types of jokes can definitely be destructive, so I try my best not to make them! But every once in a while I can’t resist or don’t think about it. 🙂

  • The_Canon_Girl

    Your pictures are fantastic, as always! I love blue and yellow together, people should wear that combo way more often! Your skirt is deliciously vintage and the shoes are so versatile. Those tomatoes and sunflowers look mighty fine and the little flowers in the last picture are lovely. And I would not go into that garden with you if there would be even the faintest chance that there would/could be snakes in there. IT’S OKAY, MR. OWL! 😀

    • Eccentric Owl

      I have to credit the pretty pictures to Mr. Owl. He’s pretty brilliant.
      I think so, too! It’s a combo you don’t see often enough.

      Haha, yeah. It was a joke, hopefully people get that! I’m inexplicably afraid of spiders, so he can be afraid of snakes if he wants to! I don’t blame him TOO much. 😀 Hehehe.

  • mariecarolk

    Your makeup in the pictures is great; liking the cat eye 🙂 Sunflowers are beautiful and I like how your shirt matches them, but I’m guess you kind of planned that. lol.

  • Salazar

    Uh, not to ramp up Mr. Owl’s fear (which I understand completely, btw, I’m terrified of snakes too), but we found cobras in our garden. COBRAS. So, no, I don’t think all garden snakes are non-lethal.
    It’s getting more fall-ish here too, though it’s still in the upper 80’s, so it’s going to be a while before I can put on boots and sweaters and tights. I do miss those as well.

  • Beth Woody

    The weather here in sunny CA is a lot like how you described yours. It’s just chilly enough in the morning to make you grab a sweater, but by 11am, it’s too warm for that. Then it gets to be full on summer heat by 1pm. 🙁

    I miss fall so much!! I can’t wait until it’s cold enough to wear my favourite jacket all the time! And bundle up with cute gloves and scarves and hats! And not shave as often because I know I’ll be wearing tights. 😛 Also…. hot chocolate. Enough said. Fall wins, hands down. Best season ever. And not just because I was born in it. Heheheh.

  • Desarae

    Lovely outfit! The yellow and blue look grand together! And that top photo is gorgeous. This post made me smile– although down here snake-infested means rattlers, so at first I thought you were crazy…then I remembered where you live. 🙂