Style Inspiration: The 1940’s.

Since my computer is finally failing me (the “b” on the old keyboard — which rarely works and thus I have a usb plugin keyboard now– gets stuck, the shell is falling apart, it wouldn’t turn on this morning and got stuck on the “acer” welcome screen for five minutes) and Mr. Owl and I participated in the 72 hour film competition this weekend so I have no outfit pictures, I thought instead I’d share with you my  newly discovered love for 1940’s fashion.

I this is the era of fashion that I definitely love the most. Of course, I also love the 50’s, but there’s something a little more appealing to me about the softer lines of the 40’s, the use of more floral dresses, a little less poofy and a little more flowing.

I’ve been trolling the web lately for style inspiration pictures, and the ones I’ve found, I adore. I definitely want to incorporate the 1940’s feel into my wardrobe as fall comes around! I’ll need to find a few good blouses– my skirt collection is nice and full now (34 skirts. Enough for now, yes? Mostly, anyway…), but I don’t have many blouses. Seriously. I need more of them.

Oh, yes. Love.

I think the 40’s look is something I’ll be aspiring towards now. It should be fairly easy once I’ve found a few workable tops, since I’ve got a plethora of skirts that already lean towards these lines and fabrics. I’ve got enough scarves to incorporate as well, and with practice I think the hairstyle– which I have found is the easiest way to give yourself a certain look– should be pretty easy to mimic.

And it will be perfect for fall, with the longer sleeves and heavier fabrics. I can’t wait!

I want everything.

What is your favorite era of fashion?

I hope you all have a beautiful Monday!


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 Click on the pictures to be taken to their sources– several sources which have some great tips for styling yourself into the 1940’s!



  • Josh Schaberg

    I definitely would say the 80s for me! Which I realize is like the polar opposite of 40s but still! The big hair and metallics were awesome! Great insight on the era by the way! Lucky for you, there’s a lot of designers showing 40’s inspired lines! For instance, I just got back from New York and was able to see Rebecca Minkoff’s show: although it was a modern take on it, you could totally see hints of the 40’s! I loved it!

  • Salazar

    I’m sorry, I read “72 hours film competition” and completely blanked out on the rest. Do share more about this! (even though I love 1940’s style too. But I’m more of a 1930’s/1950’s kind of girl. It’s weird but my style preference seems to skip over a decade.)

  • Jamie Rose

    I, too, have a lack of blouses in my wardrobe. At least a lack of classic ones that pair nicely with all the skirts I have. I feel like all I have is white and that’s just no good because I want color!
    Thanks for sharing these pretty pictures too! I love looking at all the fashion from back then. Everyone was so stylish.