Wandering the corn

According to Mr. Owl, I looked too much like Christmas in this outfit because of the red and green in/general plaid-ness of the skirt. And now that I think about it, this is sort of a Christmass-y outfit, stars and all. But I have discovered that my wardrobe does not cover all four seasons. I’m either wearing Winter or Spring, and the other two seasons… sort of just have to scrounge around for whatever weather-appropriate wear is available  regardless of its seasonal colors.

So far, though, this is the most fall outfit I’ve been able to pull together from my closet. I think I need to do some shopping soon.

I know, I’m a babe.

Mr. Owl and I visited a corn maze and pumpkin patch on Saturday; it wasn’t as big or exciting as I had hoped, but it was fun regardless. We made it through the maze quickly enough that we sort of went away from the exit and lost ourselves to prolong the experience. And we were chased by a little kid.

So, like mature adults, we nearly ran around corners and down passageways to lose him.

Also, we adopted this pumpkin. It’s a girl! And as we were driving home, Mr. Owl took a turn too sharp and she fell off the back seat. His response to my exclamation? “Well YOU didn’t buckle her in!”


We’re probably going to make her into a Mario Ghost.

{Thrifted} Skirt: $0.99
{Target} Sweater: $16.08 | Shoes: $5.98
Belt: came with a  skirt.

I hope you are all having a beautiful Monday!


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