Yellow and Blue


Behold, my second attempt to take pictures by myself while Mr. Owl was working. My first attempt was not so great. And these are all just a tiny bit out of focus, but for a second try with a camera that only has a timer and no remote… I’ll live with them.

I wore this a few weeks ago, back before I broke my computer cord, and I loved it. I felt very business-woman-y. Which I’m not sure if that’s quite my style, but it worked for the day. It works for my job.

While I was taking these pictures, a neighbor (ish) came up the driveway and introduced herself, and I wondered awkwardly if I should explain the camera setup and the posing and all that… and then decided… nah. She didn’t ask, so I didn’t tell.

Have you guys ever been approached while taking outfit pictures by  yourself? What did you do?

It’s funny; being married is not at all like I expected in many ways. I expected some huge feeling of change, some big revelation or a period of adjusting, but it’s all so normal. It’s natural to live with my best friend; I didn’t need a time to adjust to living with his habits, or to get used to taking care of a house and being a wife, even though we didn’t live together (or sleep together– that DID take some getting used to. I still wake up when he moves) before we were married. It’s just all… life. Normal, natural, wonderful everyday life.

I don’t even get homesick for my parents or miss my cat. 

I love being married. LOVE. It is really the best thing ever to come home and get to see the love of my life when he gets off work, when I fall asleep, when I wake up (okay, I’m not a fan of waking up with him 30 minutes earlier than I used to…), when he leaves for work. And all hours of the day on weekends. We don’t go on adventures as often as I thought we might (mostly because I tend to be tired after work), but that’s okay. Life with him is just good.


I can’t wait to be married for a year, for five years, for twenty… for fifty… it’s going to be a grand life. Even if we never do anything spectacular, it will just be great because we are together.


I can’t imagine life any other way.

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!


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  • Sarah With A Bow

    I have not yet managed to take self photos… I think I am going to need to, otherwise I don’t know where I’m going to get consistent enough photos to keep my blog going! I love the vibrant colors of your outfit. (: And it’s wonderful to read that you’re loving married life as much as you are. Maybe I’ll even know what you mean sometime, lol.


  • Salazar

    Most of the time I just told people I was taking pictures of the scenery, the sunset, whatever. If I’m caught in front of the camera, I’d just explain that I’m checking the light or something that sounds vaguely professional. Usually that stops the questions, but I did run into people who are professional photographers themselves, so they started talking to me about f-stops and things like that. It was awkward.

    That skirt is amazing. And I’m glad that you’re so happy with married life!

  • Jamie Rose

    Aw I’m so happy to hear married life is going well for you and that you’re happy! I can only hope I feel the same when when that day comes for me. As for people coming up to me while I take pictures… usually they just pass by and give me strange looks. Other times they’re concerned that they’re in the way and I tend to awkwardly wave them on or salute them or some other nonsense. It’s always awkward and I don’t think I’ve ever explained myself. Maybe if the same person came around twice? haha
    Anyway, I love these two prints you wore together. That star sweater is super cute and I’m loving your tights and brightly colored shoes.

  • Kristi Beitler

    I love love love this skirt! And you have the sweetest stockings. I think it’s just so awkward when people approach you when you’re taking photos by yourself.