Red and Plaid


I am absolutely in love with this outfit. Probably because I adore red, and there’s red everywhere. Lips, cardigan, shoes, hearts on the tights (the back of them). These are the tights I wore for my wedding, and I WISH they were a little better constructed because I adore them. They’ve got runs everywhere, but I don’t even care.

I also very much love the necklace/collar, but I’m afraid to wear it because it’s an antique and the pearls fall off a lot. I’d love to get it restored someday, because it’s a beautiful piece. 3

I also love how much better my pictures are when my husband takes them. Ah, if only I could just have him home all the time to help me. Maybe I’ll do as a friend suggested and save up for a camera remote. That would make it easier.4

I’m working on my new year’s goals really well so far; I signed up for the YMCA, and am super excited to be able to go and work out and work on being a healthier person. It really helps me to have a set place with several different workout options– for some reason, if I’m working out I’m less likely to eat junk food… but if I just try to eat healthy, I’m never motivated to work out and then I slip into “eh, whatever” mode and end up eating terribly.

Yesterday was my first day working out at the gym; I am going to alternate between doing the Couch to 5k program and various other machines, and oh my goodness jogging is the worst. But also, the best. It’s funny how you can be so miserable getting started in exercise, yet feel so accomplished after it’s done.

I’ve also started using Sparkpeople again, where I’ll track what I eat and when I exercise, to keep myself accountable. I track my daily food in the morning, with planned lunch and breakfast and snacks, which makes it a lot easier to stay on track. 2

I am determined to make this the year that I finally reach my fitness goals. It’s not that I’m uncomfortable with what I look like or what I weigh now, but I would like to weigh less than my husband, and I’d like to wear things I can’t wear now (like sheath dresses…), and I’d like to go hiking and not be the one lagging behind. I’d like to wear shorts and dresses in the summer and not get heat-rashes from my thighs rubbing together, and it’d also be really nice to wear jeans and not be worried that they’re going to expose my butt as soon as I bend over or sit down. Seriously.6

So, you know. They’re all goals I’ve had for a long time and never reached. I feel confident that this year I’ll reach them. I could possibly lose the weight I want to lose by my birthday in April, and that would be the best present ever. 75

{Thrifted} Skirt, $0.99 | Shirt, $3.99 | Collar, $8 | Belt, $1.69
{Modcloth} Tights, $17.99 | Wedges, $39.99
{Target} Cardigan, $12

What about you? Do you have any fitness goals this year? Do you have tips for how to stay on track, or to keep motivated?

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday, and a very happy weekend!


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  • Rambling girl

    Good luck with your goals! I also go through phases of being really healthy then being really…not. I really recommend yoga because it’s not like going to the gym, it clears your mind and little by little you can feel your body becoming stronger and more flexible…very motivating so you don’t want to eat junk food after class! Here are some other tips:

    – go vegetarian, but make sure you’re not replacing meat with carbs and fat. Tofu, veggies!
    – try a Japanese or Mediterranean diet. They live longest so must be doing something right. Healthily cooked or raw vegetables, fish, filling low-fat broths, healthy oils.

    – Cook your food yourself – no takeaway lunches or tv dinners. Leftovers are next days lunch so you save money too.
    – Being more active doesn’t have to be expensive; think walking the dog, running. Just by walking to the bus station and getting off a stop earlier I got 45 mins of out-of-breath walking in everyday (because usually I got up late and ended up jogging/running to catch the bus).

    – What about signing up for a race? Or hiking a local trail/climbing a mountain? Train with a friend. Tell everyone you’re doing it.
    – Have a goal in mind to look amazing, maybe a holiday, the summer, the next work party, that crazy adventure holiday you just booked for the summer…
    – Starving yourself won’t work; it has to be a whole lifestyle change with healthier diet and being more active.

    – It’s not the end of the world if you stay home all day and eat your way through a family sized cake, or the whole pack of donuts, just don’t do the next day.
    – Take your mind off snacking by doing a boring but absorbing household chore. You’ll have a cleaner house too!
    – Get motivated and excited about making a lifestyle change: the start of a healthier, stronger, more energetic, more confident happy you. (Fitting in your old jeans is a bonus).

    By the way Kristina, you look great – confident and happy (oh and stylish). Looking forward to seeing pictures from your next hike 🙂

    • Eccentric Owl

      I love yoga; I may have to get some sort of video or instruction to do it at home, though, because I can’t make it to the classes at the gym (ah, work.)

      Diet wise, I’m definitely not on a kick to do some get-thin-fast diet. I’m planning to just make lifelong changes; fill the fridge with more fruits and veggies, make the ratio of portions on my plate more like half-veggies, 1/4 meat, 1/4 (or no) grains. And little or no cane sugar (I grew up using fructose only, so that’s not hard to do). It’s definitely all about changes that will stay for life.

      Ooh, my goal is to look amazing for my 25th birthday, or at least in time for summer.

      All of your tips are so encouraging!
      (Hehe, I don’t have any old jeans. I’ve got a dress I’d like to fit into, though!)

      Thank you, dear!

    • Eccentric Owl

      I love Alice in Wonderland, so that makes me happy! Thank you!
      Those are basically the changes I’m making; buying and eating more fruits and veggies, and running/exercising in general.

  • Anita Jacob

    I love your outfit and especially the necklace! Congrats on setting your fitness goals too! I haven’t set particular goals for that…yet…but I do need to think about making small changes that will make me feel better and more healthy.

  • Salazar

    Oh gosh, I don’t see how you can even wear that collar… if I had a similar one it’ll be in a display case, permanently 😀
    I don’t have any concrete fitness plan other than to simply get out of the house more, or, if I must stay inside, move around a little bit. I’ve become such a couch potato since I moved home it’s not even funny. So I completely admire your determination. Best of luck!

  • Lariats and Lavender

    I love this outfit, it’s classic yet unique and absolutely stunning. You look amazing!!! I also have weight and fitness goals. I want 2013 to be the year I lose most or all of my extra weight. I want 2013 to be the year I learn yoga, meditation and focus on exercise both because it’s healthy but also because it’s fun!!!

    Good luck!!!

    If you ever need a little boost of support, you know where to find me. ^_^ Also, I think I am on SparkPeople too… I gotta log back in!

  • Erronthesideofdelicious

    Hi Kristi! I’m so glad that you decided to fulfill your goals; losing weight is almost never easy. My advice is to keep your goal in mind and never give up! Stay determined and I know you’ll meet your goals! I also love exercise DVDs because you can workout whenever you have time. I would recommend the element brand; specifically yoga (I meditate on Jesus:)

    • Eccentric Owl

      Ah, you are so inspirational! I’ve always been so proud of you for your weight loss and staying healthy. It’s so great! And I love yoga, too (meditating on Jesus is the best!) I’m hoping to maybe go to the yoga classes at the gym on Mondays, but otherwise I love being able to use the machines at the gym. Listening to upbeat music helps!

  • The_Canon_Girl

    Amazing outfit as usual, I love the tights and the pearl collar especially. You’re doing great with the whole “becoming a healthier person” thing and I’m rooting for you! I don’t really have any ambitions like that except to not be a lazy bum all the time and walk the dog once a day for an hour. That’s good enough for me, that way I have fresh air and exercise! Having a dog is the perfect excuse to go out and be active. Love the last picture of your shoes. The colors are amazing! And you look amazing with red lips <3

    • Eccentric Owl

      The tights and pear collar are my favorite things about this outfit!
      Walking the dog daily is a great way to get fresh air and be active! I wish I had a dog so I could do that, but we can’t have animals at our rental house. Oh, well.

  • Kristi Beitler

    You sound like you’re doing better than I am currently. I’ve just started doing Zumba at home with DVDs and you really do sweat up a storm, which is a good sign for burning calories. But being home all the time, it’s hard to not eat out of boredom and to make the right food choices.

    I absolutely adore this outfit! You look absolutely gorgeous in it. You are so lucky to have a very talented photographer at your disposal at times. That collar/necklace is stirring up some major envy and I love those tights- you can’t even see the runs.