30 Day Challenges

30 Days of Skirts

Happy Saturday!

I was cleaning out my closet last month, and noticed that I have a ton of skirts I never put into rotation. And then I counted my skirts and realized I have… well… probably around 40… So I challenged myself to wear skirts for 30 days straight without repeating. Here they all are, in their glory:

30 Days

There are a few in the mix that I’ll be selling soon enough, some that I’ve clung to for too long that I don’t really know how to style but can’t bear to part with, and… a lot of plaid woolen beauties. I love a good plaid skirt.

Which is your favorite? Would you ever do a challenge like this? (Do you even have this many skirts or dresses? I feel like I’m some sort of hoarder or something. Or, y’know, fashion blogger…)

I hope you are all having a smashing weekend!


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